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Veronica Valli and Chip Somers are experts on recovery. Chip Somers was most recently described by Russell Brand in his book 'Recovery' as a 'right social liability.' Together they have been sober for almost 50 years and have a LOT of stories, messes, experience and occasionally helpful advice to share on living in sobriety. They bring all of that (and more) to the Soberful podcast. This podcast is for anyone who wants to live an alcohol-free life, is struggling to get sober or who is in long-term recovery.


244: Binge Drinking and the Work Place
Chip and Veronica discuss the culture of alcohol, hospitality and binge drinking as it relates to work. Nearly all industries have ways of promoting excessive drinking. They give tips on being sober in these environments and navigating them while also keeping and excelling at your career.   To learn more, visit the show notes.
32:16 29/11/2023
243: The Normalization of Abnormal Drinking with Benoit Kim
Benoit Kim describes himself as a 'third culture kid'. He was the child of Korean parents raised in Paris and America. Alcohol took hold of him when he was young, and he experienced two hospitalizations when he was in college. Benoit talks about his time in the US military and how he came to get sober and become a psychotherapist.   To learn more, visit the show notes.
53:17 22/11/2023
242: Hyper-independence, Loneliness and Connection
In the follow-up to a popular episode on hyper-independence. Chip and Veronica discuss how hyper-independence is a perfect storm that leads us to be lonely, and loneliness leads us to drink. They give suggestions on how to break out of that cycle.   To learn more, visit the show notes.
48:09 15/11/2023
241: Fear, Breast Cancer and Alcohol with Lucy Rocca
Lucy Rocca from Soberistas joins Veronica to discuss how she got through the fear of her breast cancer diagnosis. She shares how exercise, mindfullness and meditation helped her keep the fear at bay and how she made a choice to respond to cancer from a place of empowerment. To learn more, visit the show notes.
37:35 08/11/2023
240: Drinking Alone
Chip and Veronica discuss how 'drinking alone' has changed over the years, why more women drink alone and how dangerous it can be when we age. When we drink alone we are drinking for the wrong reasons and it's a clear sign that we have a problem.   To learn more, visit the show notes.
37:31 01/11/2023
239: Finding Yourself with Allegra Huston
Allegra Huston was born into Hollywood royalty, the sister of Anjelica Huston and the daughter of famed director John Huston. Allegra discusses her fractured childhood and how she had no sense of self. And how writing saved her, restored her mental health and gave her purpose beyond her famous family.   To learn more, visit the show notes.
43:58 25/10/2023
238: Alcohol Abuse and Eating Disorders
Veronica and Chip discuss the relationship between eating disorders and alcohol abuse. They explore how eating disorders can exist before and after an alcohol problem. They also look at the relationship between eating disorders and sexual trauma.   To learn more, visit the show notes.
36:06 18/10/2023
237: High End Drinkers - Social Status and Drinking
Veronica and Chip explore how 'high end' drinkers mask their alcohol problem. When you tell yourself that you only drink fine wine or 100 year old whiskey are you masking the fact that really you just want to get a buzz?   To learn more, visit the show notes.
37:50 11/10/2023
236: Surviving Breast Cancer and Getting Sober With Jenn Nelson
Jenn Nelson is a breast cancer survivor and sober women. She joins Veronica where they discuss her denial around her alcohol use, finding out about her breast cancer at age 33 and what made the difference to her sobriety. To learn more, visit the show notes.
41:53 04/10/2023
235: Sober Spirituality with Erin Jean Warde
Episcopalian minister Erin Jean Warde joins Veronica to discuss her new book 'Sober Spirituality.' They discuss the role of alcohol in religion and how it has been misrepresented, what spirituality means and faith-based recovery. To learn more, visit the show notes.
37:58 27/09/2023
234: It's Not About the Wine with Celeste Yvonne
Celeste Yvonne is the author of 'It's not about the wine' - the loaded truth behind mommy wine culture. Celeste explains what this culture is and how detrimental it is to mothers. To learn more, visit the show notes.
35:24 20/09/2023
233: Sobriety is a Shift in Perception
Veronica explains why sobriety is a shift in perception. When we take things personally, it makes us very sensitive and can often lead to resentment. Resentments are the free drunk, and unless we find a way to shift our perception of what is happening we will always use alcohol to manage them. To learn more, visit the show notes.
29:49 13/09/2023
232: Why We Take Things Personally
Back from their break Veronica and Chip discuss why we take things so personally. Why in early sobriety we are hyper sensitive and can find offence where none was meant. They discuss how we can begin to not take things personally and this is an easier way to live and stay sober. To learn more, visit the show notes.
37:05 06/09/2023
231: Social Anxiety and Alcohol Abuse
One of the most common reasons people drink is to manage their social anxiety. Chip and Veronica discuss how alcohol makes anxiety worse and what they can do to change it.   To learn more, visit the show notes.
42:25 28/06/2023
230: Hot Sobriety with Kate Baily
Kate Baily joins Veronica to talk about Hot Sobriety. Which means we are talking about mid-life women, hormones and menopause. Kate and Veronica talk about how many women are struggling with sobriety and hormonal changes and how devastating alcohol is for menopausal women. They give tips and advice for getting through this time of life. They also discuss their new program. Hot Sobriety.   To learn more, visit the show notes.
39:21 21/06/2023
229: The First Sponsor, Discovering Father Ed with Dawn Eden Goldstein
Dawn Eden Goldstein is the author of the new biography Father Ed: The Story of Bill W.'s Spiritual Sponsor as well as several other books. Born in New York City, she began her writing career as a rock and roll historian. She went on to work for the New York Post and the New York Daily News before she turned her interest to spiritual matters. In 2016 she became the first woman to earn a doctorate in sacred theology from the University of St. Mary of the Lake. She has taught at universities and seminaries in the United States, England, and India, and she now lives in Washington, DC. veronica and Dawn have a fascinating conversation about how pivotal Father Ed's sponsorship of Bill W. was.   To learn more, visit the show notes.
42:00 14/06/2023
228: Hyperindependence
Hyperindependence is a trauma and stress response. If we didn't experience safety as children we often become hyperindepent as adults. Chip and Veronica break down what this means, how it affects sobriety and what to do about it.   To learn more, visit the show notes.
38:52 07/06/2023
227: Men and Mental Health with Sam Delaney
Sam Delaney was a British jack-th-lad, drinking, partying, not taking anything seriously. Then his mental health caught up with him it all came crashing down. Sam talks to Veronica about how hard it is for men to be vulnerable talk about their feelings and how he hopes his new book will change that.   To learn more, visit the show notes.
40:04 31/05/2023
226: We Answer Your Questions - Being Sober in Our Family
Chip and Veronica answer tough questions like; How do we handle watching our own children start using drugs and alcohol while we are in long term sobriety? And how do we have boundaries we family members who drink?   To learn more, visit the show notes.
42:53 24/05/2023
225: Drugs, Alcohol and Rock N’ Roll With Simon Mason
Simon Mason shouldn't be alive. Drop out, drug dealer, addict. He thought he was living the life as a drug dealer to the biggest bands in Britpop (Oasis) it took him ten years and multiple treatment and detox stays to get sober. Simon shares his tales and how music saved his life.   To learn more, visit the show notes.
47:50 17/05/2023
224: Binge Pattern Dependency Drinking
Chip and Veronica break down what binge pattern drinking is. They discuss that it's not how much we drink or how often its the pattern that matters. We can delude ourselves for a long time that our drinking isn't problematic if we don't drink every day, which is how Veronica's drinking was.   To learn more, visit the show notes.
35:01 10/05/2023
223: Dry Society with Lori Windfeldt
Lori Windfeldt, the founder of Dry Society Social Club, joins Veronica to discuss why having fun and socialising in sobriety is so important. And how we can normalise not drinking in our communities.   To learn more, visit the show notes.
39:17 03/05/2023
222: ​Push Off From Here with Laura McKowen
Laura McKowen's second book is called 'Push Off From Here' a guide to sobriety and life. Veronica and Laura discuss the nine essential truths in the book and how to apply them to sobriety.   To learn more, visit the show notes.
41:11 26/04/2023
221: We Answer Your Questions - Ask Us Anything 5 Year Podcast Bday
Chip and Veronica are celebrating their fifth podcast anniversary. They answer questions from listeners. Including: how do we know our choices are authentic, how can we be of service to sober people, and what grey-area drinking is. And is sex better sober?   To learn more, visit the show notes.
40:43 19/04/2023
220: Women Without Kids with Ruby Warrington
​RUBY WARRINGTON is a British-born author, editor, podcaster, and the founder of Numinous Books. Recognized as a true thought leader, Ruby has the unique ability to identify issues that are destined to become part of the cultural narrative. Her previous books include Material Girl, Mystical World; Sober Curious; and The Sober Curious Reset, and her work has been featured by countless media outlets globally, including the New York Times, The Guardian, and Good Morning America. She lives in Miami. To learn more, visit She joins Veronica for a conversation about sobriety, motherhood, the role of women and making choices. They explore what it means to be a mother, why women feel this is their primary role and why more and more women are opting out.   To learn more, visit the show notes.
45:10 12/04/2023
219: Creativity and the Journey to Our Authentic Selves With Sarah Gillespie
Veronica is joined by her best friend, Sarah Gillespie. Sarah wrote and recorded the title track to the podcast and discusses the similarities between getting sober and producing art.   To learn more, visit the show notes.
43:41 05/04/2023
218: The Concept of a Higher Power with Dr. Peg O'Connor
Veronica meets with philosopher Dr. Peg O' Conner author of 'Higher and Friendly Powers: Transforming Addiction and Suffering'. They discuss what spirituality is, how they interpret the 12-steps. What spirituality is essential to sobriety and how it can also block people in sobriety.   To learn more, visit the show notes.
47:20 29/03/2023
217: Collegiate Recovery with Dr. Kristine De Jesus
Dr. De Jesus is today's guest. She discusses the need for collegiate recovery across all higher education campuses. Why our students need these resources, and why so many young people are turning to drugs and alcohol.   To learn more, visit the show notes.
33:16 22/03/2023
216: We Answer Your Questions - How To Accept Your Past
Chip and Veronica answer your questions about dealing with the past and finding peace. Letting go of shame and regret and keeping our side of the street clean.   To learn more, visit the show notes.
44:07 15/03/2023
215: Self-Obsession
One of the defining characteristics of addiction is 'the obsession of self.' Chip and Veronica talk about their own experiences and how to overcome self-obsession.   To learn more, visit the show notes.
35:30 08/03/2023

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