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Music from Brooklyn-based DJ duo Ladycréme - house, disco, breaks, techno, electro, classics. New mix at least every other Friday.


Episode 300 - Special Edition: 90s Diva House DJ Mix (September 2023)
For this milestone episode, we put together a mix of 25 of our favorite tracks from the 90s featuring vocal performances by the era’s finest divas— songs of love and longing, introspection on the dancefloor, and the power of connection through music.  These tracks hold a special place for us as some of the very first dance music we feel in love with.  The sound of a powerful female voice is absolutely essential to house music.  At times they went uncredited or their images were not included in music videos and album art, but these vocalists and songwriters, and their enduring contributions to music cannot be denied. black box (vocals by martha wash) – everybody everybody (le freak mix), cathy dennis – touch me (all night long)(club mix), crystal waters – 100% pure love, ce ce peniston – finally (12” choice mix), jomanda – got a love for you (hurley’s house mix), robin s – show me love (stonebridge club mix), c+c music factory ft. zelma davis – just a touch of love (everyday), alison limerick – where love lives (frankie knuckles & david morales remix – dimitri from paris tribute edit), fpi project (vocals by tina chris) – everybody (all over the world)(dance mix), everything by the girl (vocals by tracey thorn) – missing (todd terry club mix), cajmere ft. dajae – brighter days (tee dope mix), coldcut ft. lisa stansfield – people hold on (12” version), adeva – i thank you (the philadelphia mix), barbara tucker – beautiful people (underground network mix), harddrive (vocals by barbara tucker) – deep inside (original 12” mix), billie ray martin – your loving arms (todd terry t&t’s freeze mix), blaze – lovelee dae, clivilles & cole (vocals by deborah cooper) – (pride) a deeper love (a deeper love mix), ultra naté – free (mood ii swing extended vocal mix), bizarre inc. ft. angie brown – i’m gonna get you (original remix version), the real mccoy (vocals by karin kasar) – another night (u.s. club mix), amber – this is your night (original 12” mix), corona – the rhythm of the night (club mix), la bouche (vocals by melanie thornton) – be my lover (select mix quick trax), rozalla – everybody’s free (to feel good) IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
71:48 29/09/2023
September 2023 DJ Mix: rave, uk garage, techno, breakbeat, & tech house
s.u.r.e. – u can 4 ever b, tiga, hudson mowhawke, & elisabeth troy – ascending into the clouds, major lazer & james hype – number 1, bananarama – venus (boys noize rework), armand van helden – i won’t stop (extended mix), man power – pick a number choose a colour, soul mass transit system – poison dart, p-rallel – i know (notion remix), dusky & denham audio – everything i do (extended mix), lotrax – showed up, bowser & rhades – so good, ondamike – house in me (extended mix), baldo – not just physical, mario ochoa – echoes, marco faraone – any good vibe?, sam tompkins, meduza, & em beihold – phone, marco faraone – ghana, kink & raredub – higher, tiger stripes & oscar escapa – feel the music, don weber – ethereal, rosati – solare, s-file – sola, hodge – synchronized swimming, boston 168 – hit by the star, matsu & mike deuce – fading (nyc mix) IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
65:43 22/09/2023
September 2023 DJ Mix: jackin house, soulful house, funky house, & tech house
demuja – work my body, serge santiago – love is a feeling, the aston shuffle, chambray, & liz jai – give it to you (extended club mix), dj efx & stanny abram – 4d underground (extended mix), george kelly – let’s go, simon kidzoo – listen y’all, gorgon city & nez – pose (extended mix), paluma – temperature (extended mix), v30 ft. rumy – gustoso, sidney charles – liquid state, johannes albert & biesmans – sunshine inc., iron curtis – lately (part 2), shadow child & kungs – changes, leftwing : kody & tomash – raise your hands (extended mix), soul mass transit system – babylon, yesca – on my mind, franky rizardo – love seeking (extended mix), sidney charles – house 2 heat, burnski – where are you?, prok & fitch – everyday people (extended mix), kettama – feeling emotions (extended mix), cassimm – in my mind, m.o.n.r.o.e. & thunderpony – make it right, liam doc – in your aye’s, braga circuit – if u IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
65:20 15/09/2023
September 2023 DJ Mix: house, techno, rave, breakbeat, & uk garage
herve – the raven, friend within – peanut squash (extended mix), blond:ish ft. madonna, eran hersh, & darmon – sorry (franky rizardo remix), shiba san – hold me, choopsie – roam, sellrude – with you, fm-3 – don’t x up the bass, sunsha – hyper, aswang – snaga volje, romy – the sea (tdj remix), clarcq – need u, soul mass transit system – real love (mercy mix), absolute. – don’t ya want it, daffy – can’t stop now, wza – hear dis, go freek ft. dope earth alien – turning it up (wongo extended remix), lucati – laylo clo, dj protein – be yourself, hotline – ex’s, mark archer & shadow child – i know you (swankout remix), estella boersma – bullsh*t, joe mull – recalibration, blk_betty – dee getto, tony de vit – i don’t care (absolute. we still don’t care extended remix), homerun – native bullet (coyu remix) IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
64:51 08/09/2023
September 2023 DJ Mix: Special Disco Edition 2023 Part 2
kano – unconditional lover (dr. packer remix), paul parsons & adri block – love we need, hp vince & pd – love so good, block & crown – hangin’ on a string, b.b. & q. band – main attraction (dr. packer extended mix), jkriv & amy douglas – freak at night, paul parsons & adri block – feel like getting’ down, block & crown – kiss, block & crown – treat her, block & crown – meilleue amor, paul parsons – nobody love me like you do, secret soul – dancin’, paul parsons & adri block – don’t wanna let you go, groovemasta – let’s go back, house punkz – rappers holiday, ken@work – get on the floor, block & crown – dj bring that back, block & crown – spend the night, block & crown – i’m somebody else, amp fiddler & luko solomon – come on over (extended mix), paul parsons & adri block – honey b, corrado alunni – soul train, mark funk & danny cruz – enough, risk assessment – welcome, avon stringer – make it right, twism & b3rao – who’s right, block & crown – shake ya rump, block & crown - hooray it’s monday, paul parsons – this party, ken@work – feel the funky music, mindbuster & vaudafunk – the happy way, ministry of funk – follow (deeper groove mix), ministry of funk – give you up (deeper groove mix), paul parsons & adri block – love to see you dancing, sonic soul orchestra ft. kathy brown – touch me (block & crown extended club mix), paul parsons – i want your love, block & crown – prerogative, block & crown – out of touch, disko junkie – relax (extended mix), levantine – stomp disco beat IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
103:08 01/09/2023
August 2023 DJ Mix: jackin house, soulful house, & funky house
2sleep – awesome (extended mix), manodom – lose control (babert remix), risk assessment – power, jason currie – bout now, purple disco machine & sophie and the giants – paradise, larse & orbital drum system ft. overgivelse – paradise bird, hp vince & kpd – go deeper (extended mix), dj biddy – this is house music, huxley, wouter s, & chicago hustle – since (don rimini deep mix), jansons ft. dope earth alien – hypnotic (extended mix), denney – high vibration, emanuele cappello – this house, stanny abram – honey (extended mix), mark broom, riva starr, & star b – fire (the dj dub), skylin3 & terri-anne – all that she wants (extended mix), terri-anne – back that up to the beat (extended mix), jewel kid – feel this (extended mix), k69 – bring it down, blindbold – wesmile, wham! – club tropicana (balearic breeze extended remix), danny whittle – i’m diggin’ on you, airwolf paradise ft. paul johnson – only man, toby simpson – retro bass, franky rizardo – love me right, big miz – love trance IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
64:14 25/08/2023
August 2023 DJ Mix: techno, rave, breakbeat, & tech house
bad behaviour – living on smoke (edgeware mix), echostorms – do as i say (extended mix), inner city & kevin saunderson – good life (ejeca extended remix), stanny abram – perfect sorrow, staxia – gently, goldie – inner city life (trevino remix), aswang – another sunrise, prototyperz – lose control, stylophonic – we got crunked last night (chambray extended remix), danm – higher, romain richard – work it, dart – get up, scream – space ghetto, absolute. – papi’s pumping piano, alfa cornae – muscle protein, big miz – believe, luca monteforte – once again, data memory access – euphoria, kaskade & deadmau5 – i remember (john summit remix)(extended mix), blueprint – it’s you, air jackson – thinkin’ about you (hammer remix), hi-lo – crescendo, seeward – otello (extended mix), mount kimbie & kai campos – city limits (robert hood remix), kollektiv turmstrasse – yap (perel remix) IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
64:47 18/08/2023
August 2023 DJ Mix: chill vibes, nu disco, & deep house
oliver dollar & brillstein – roots, jason currie – ayr 01292, takuya matsumoto – 93, kid simius, rhode & brown – suite tropical, cc:disco! & confidence man – out of your mind, rick wade – groove head, katerina – get to know you (extended version), radial gaze – totem echoes (highlite remix), waltervelt – back room, alison goldfrapp – so hard so hot (yotto extended mix), ira ange, arman, & alar – music & love, andhim – i love you, sobek & aikon – half true, omar s & desire – hard times, keita sano – sweet, jason hersco – this is love (extended mix), krewcial & felipe gordon – 1972, youandme – ppppp (ian pooley main remix), jvde & bad colours – easy come, easy go (jkriv remix), softmal – there is no reality, saison – till the day i die, xoxo ft. mauveine – a warm intention (extended mix), christian vila – whatever, bauen – through the smoke, dj t & emanuel satie – the feeling IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
65:28 11/08/2023
August 2023 DJ Mix: tech house, breakbeat, rave, & techno
theo kottis – violet, jesusdapnk – altered dynamics (hodges jsm remix), delistic – back hia back, wza – only you, onyx uk – jam, dj seinfeld & confidence man – now u do (extended ukg mix), soul mass transit system – fly, yosh – show me, kid simius & rhode & brown – eurostar, househeadz – dizzy pumpin, confidential resipe – rave generator, absolute. – rush hour, kylie minogue – padam padam (absolute. padam all weekend remix), boys noize & skrillex – fine day anthem (extended mix), t e s t p r e s s – u (extended mix), absolute. – drop kick, uncertain – pump, dagga & confidential recipe – u can’t hide, radar – dance for me, jtrxx – flying saucer, angus mcdonald – rockin down the house, greenflamez – drop in the drums, hankook & dj tortu – rainbow, lords of motion – unite, dreamrdreamr - velvet IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
64:20 04/08/2023
July 2023 DJ Mix: soulful house & deep house
zig zag – everybody free, ke & risk assessment – feel that (main mix), nishant bardoloi – house alert, n-you-up & mike dunn – jack my body (daid penn remix), django django ft. jack penate – no time (absolute’s all day all night remix), ferreck dawn ft. jena – better (extended mix), leela d, windy city classics, f.brothers, & ales salles – back to love, the deepshakerz & aaron pfeiffer – feel alive (extended mix), priya & dj biddy – i’m in love, cortes (us) – trickin’, steve bug & blondewearingblack – to be led, west coast swingaz – keep pushing, blaze & udaufl ft. barbra tucker – most precious love (unreleased cassimm dub), raumakustik – put on your shoes and take some steps, radio slave & michael love michael – can’t get you (radio slave club mix), theos & el rod – nmw, ladymonix – welcome 2 my house, tiga & kolsch – almost everything, juliet sikora & raumakustik – love shake (extended mix), dj bones – touch me, ejeca – in & out (extended mix), jose saavedra – want you here tonght, clu polar – signals (audiojack remix), bruno furlan – now work (extended mix), lo5ive – set me free (cinthie remix), lydia eisenblatter – shine, bag raiders – love me back (extended club mix) IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
66:41 28/07/2023
July 2023 DJ Mix: breakbeat, techno, acid, & electro
creasol – robot finger print, paralog – departure, hankook & orebeat – rush, ondamike & jamie blue – drum beats on my mind, too many bad guys – grains of light, dj brownie & greenflamez – bring it back, jiro & orebeat – back to bassline, loopcrashing – basic, fm-3 & örak – panorama (extended mix), ramu – landing, jerome hill – snake charmer, la-4a – geometry, archie b – elevator, eli escobar – body free, sascha bouche – secrets, back from the wave – psychic (david carretta remix), dj stretch & dj geto man – aceeeed, matasism – the music is control of your acid mind, jaymie silk – womxn, nicholas voyager – real deal, 606supa – hydro, dart – juice, jeku – astral dream, dreamrdreamr – a club serenade, conducta – 3fall, skelecta - colours IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:  
62:31 21/07/2023
July 2023 DJ Mix: chill vibes & deep house
panama & satin jackets – alive, laars & cosmic g – end point, saison – come with us, changing fazes – i mean it (extended mix), steve mill & tee amara – whatever it takes, steve frisco – magnetic lava, adesse versions – the light, donald dust – jupiter jack (jupiter mix), e-prime – no guestlist (active surplus remix), joyce muniz & theus mago – balin bali, tuff city kids -  r.u.t.h.s., kemt – terminal 21, boys’ shorts – dance manual, skatman – oldskool, depart – ufo trip, valentino roth – loved & lost, tuff city kids – carden eden, byron stingily – in my mind (basement boys production), cosmonection – nostalgia, dj t – move your body, demi riquisimo – proto call, massimiliano pagliara, fort romeau, & coloray – reset (prins thomas diskomiks), cory wells – what we guna do, mike dunn – u gotta do it to tha muzik, bookbox cartel & box car – jellyfish jam
64:42 14/07/2023
July 2023 DJ Mix: jackin house, soulful house, & uk garage
boys’ shorts – life on a screen, claptone ft. man parrish – flashdance (extended mix), kevin aviance, dj gomi, & karmina dai – i’ll house you (extended mix), danny whittle & angus mcdonald – dancing, jose saavedra & matt bolly – get up & dance (stu air extended remix), low steppa ft. reigns – back to love (extended mix), alkalino – nemesis, daniel steinberg – sun is shining, grove technicians – 2 xtreme, audiojack – hypnotized, demi riquisimo – talk to frank, ben van kuringen – burnin’ up (extended mix), quinzi & jay farina – pumpin the jack, mystery & rich t – freedom, we.amps – meloncello, baka g – alchemy, peggy gou – (it goes like) nanana, schroeds & kriston – gotta be (tony quattro remix), gemi – so tru, wza – rip up da bass (extended mix), dehousy – wanna be (groovy d’s 99 speed garage mix), rigby on the run – thinkin bout u, dj brownie – loose control (dj hero remix), diamond lights – don’t wanna give it up (club edit) IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
62:56 07/07/2023
June 2023 DJ Mix: 2013 throwbacks mix
snuff crew ft. tyree cooper – work it out, tiga & jorihulkkonen – trust your body, m1 – feel the drums (dj t edit), duke dumont ft. a*m*e – need u (100%)(skreamix), dusky – nobody else, peet dafeet – falling off, mark romboy & kink – over and out, house of stank – beat and a blur (snuff crew remix), turbo turbo – jack your house, cari lekebusch & zoe xenia – good love sweet love (shadow child remix), dj venum – house gangster, turbo turbo – memories, gunrose – bunker, borderline – make me crazy, destructo – 2112, mob serenade – mumma, wilkinson – take you higher (foamo remix), machines don’t care – basement dub volume 1, marseille – for you, paul woolford – untitled, jimmy edgar – strike, two charming men – i want, eli escobar – feel it, audionite – no good, cardopusher – control your body, gingy & bordello – all day, innershades – that girl, spartaque – no way back, alden tyrell – work it, xxxy – thinkin bout IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
76:25 30/06/2023
June 2023 DJ Mix: techno, breaks, rave, electro, & uk garage
me & george – slash (baltra’s acid dub), depart – and you, – italia no rave, stanny abram – shelter of intervention, firestar soundsystem – the rebel, murder he wrote – lights down low, fm-3 & cooltasty – only 4 fans, hankook – play it, dany bs – i see you dancing, daniel avery & confidence man – on & on (again)(vip), josh caffe – you, proone79 – no control, jaymie silk – be sassy, fjaak – give it to me, gunjack – deadpan, dj dextro – 100 reis, mark broom – tube, skov bowden – pollywog, s55 – scania, cooltasty – revolution, unklevon – san telmo, d.vices – uv-x, marjin s – under the lily pads (luca lozano what is reality remix), wza – lost, chris stussy – all night long IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
64:35 23/06/2023
June 2023 DJ Mix: chill vibes, deep house, & nu disco
ministry of funk – faith (deep groove mix), sg lewis – lifetime (dimitri from paris ‘cruising attitude’ extended mix), tensnake ft. jessy lanza – keep it secret (extended mix), jack priest & alex virgo – here we go again, lp giobbi, dj tennis, & joseph ashworth – all in a dream (extended mix), radio slare – wake up, dj aakmael – strobe (the revenge remix), boys’ shorts – atlantic av, blue hawaii – try to be (catz ‘n dogz club edit), cada un – runaway (johannes albert disco mix), heavens gate – cith heaven, ama & dunnie – adura (extended mix), booka shade & satin jackets – fusion royale, henrik schwarz & richade judge – put all your faith in me (tensnake extended remix), paresse – meat robots, tigerbalm & joy tyson – tokyo business (daniele baldelli & marco dionigi remix), byron the aquarius – mr. jx-8p, stefan braatz & virgo four – everyman jack (extended mix), acid jerks – the fatalist, joyce muniz – joy toy, dj windows 7 – condesa, devotionz – tattoo (extended mix), yuksek – dance’o’drome, andhim & carlita – life (extended mix) IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
57:48 16/06/2023
June 2023 DJ Mix: uk garage, jackin’ house, & breaks
ross from friends – the one, soul mass transit system – 95 selection, temgri – different, wza – runback, oppidan – follow me, digital base & andy vibes – attention, k69 – the rhythm of house, leftwing : kody & haley may – bring the heat, block & crown & hutch – we are i.e, kristin velvet – set me free, tenobi – the spirit, fex – good for me (extended mix), luuk van dijk & dawn richard – love you (dusky remix), armand van helden & mark knight – down to earth (extended mix), roobinz – take control, digga d – energy (gorgon city extended remix), audiojack – haze, maxinne – good thang, krystal klear – endeavour (extended mix), vincent inc – paradise garage (justin robertson remix), masarima – freak like u (luca lozano’s the breakbeat guy remix), dj m1cko – back to the underground, marvel riot – need you tonight (sub-x remix)(extended mix), philo – take me away, wez whatever – here and now IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
58:26 09/06/2023
June 2023 DJ Mix: acid, breakbeat, & techno
tom – watch me (acid dub), jesusdapnk – shake, stomp, move, rave, non grata & chris child – petrunko (wemart remix), guau – beauty in life, keith mackenzie – mood 99, dub elements – groovin’ (extended mix), ian asher ft. ruthanne – feel the same (riva starr extended remix), krystal klear – tokyo flower (extended mix), benjamin groove – i just can’t stop, watermat – targa (extended mix), audiojack – rise up, jaymie silk – work your body, dngrsly – sinner, acedias – turn around, sellrude – skills, bowser & fm-3 – feelings, overpeak – dreamer, shift+x – time out, corbi, anna wall, & tekno 2 – xtc, rsrrct – defy gravity, michael wells a.k.a. g.t.o. – rollin, uncertain – blame, elisa bee – yes yes, coyu – festa demais, air jackson – let’s go ( t e s t  p r e s s remix) IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
56:31 02/06/2023
May 2023 DJ Mix: Special Disco Edition 2023
late nite tuff guy – i’ve been thinkin’ ‘bout you, block & crown – should have been, paul parsons & adri block – i’m in love, block & crown & paul parsons – if i can’t have you, sharon redd – never give you up (michael gray remix), mastromauro – no more i love you, ken@work – special delivery, liam doc – baby i luv u, risk assessment & queen rose – dance with me (michael gray remix), caron wheeler & gill morley – keep on shining (love is. bassline remix), kiko navarro, dj pippi, angela johnson, & willie graff – you can’t run from my love (extended mix), rafael cancian – queen of zanzibar (jack district remix), the love doves – sistahood, david penn & atfc – down wid da, hp vince – rock your hips, mr. black – people love to dance, block & crown – 9 to 5, ministry of funk – everywhere (funky house remix), audio jacker – how you love me, hp vince – soul night, babert – my pussy, flash 89 – dance with me (babert extended remix), sharam jey – move out, babert – i love music, paul parsons – oh shucks, mirko & meex – queen, dj homewrecker – good name, peter brown – so funny, ministry of funk – higher (electric mix), anton powers & dee freer – feel the love (extended mix) IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
78:07 26/05/2023
May 2023 DJ Mix: electro, acid, breakbeat, & techno
digitalism – warehaus, duncan forbes – santa cruz roller coaster (dmx krew remix), secret chadow – fresa acida, prozak – give it to you, p3riko & spucnik – apocalipsis, greenflamez – rave on fire, erhalder – chip stress 11 a, mary droppinz – sandman, artist code 4d5453 – verum verbum, mark hawkins – siefried benaultibaum (contactless remix)m greta levska – radio gretaaa, komakino – outface (dusty kid revived), discosynthetique & miller – pop lock and drop it (the freakazoids remix), half cut – noise, dj godfather – checkmate, greenflamez – the power of love, ondamike & sorrow sky – 808, dawl & luca lozano – data transfer, suki – t minus, dany bs – believe (guau remix), uakoz & the reason y – avoidance, ango tamarin – no escape, sousk – the people, dawl – close your eyes, captain mustache – super shaver (sound synthesis remix), rosa red – acid wave, rex the dog – change this pain for ecstasy (extended version) IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
67:58 19/05/2023
May 2023 DJ Mix: funky house, uk garage, soulful house, & jackin house
liv (uk) – let the music, hoxton whores – house you (piano mix), angelo ferreri – love problems (james silk extended remix), audiojack – pressure, dj deano dna – all on you, rawbeetz – got to have it (ghetto groove secret remix), ghstghstghst ft. sweet pussy pauline – a leves (extended mix), moppa & deka – oldskool vibe, the shooters – papi (extended mix), kolter – i feel it right, be charm’d ft. mc stretch – get down (extended mix), darius syrossian & george smeddles – dope stuff, illyus & barrientos & josh butler – mic rock (harvard bass remix), conducta ft. novelist – get busy with it, shaun dean – take a chance, mason talbot – substances, dj jackum – proper knees up (extended mix), clarcq – faded, ettu – love you like, mellokey – as you are, denyl brook – my lovin’, little fritter – fly hi, amy dabbs – feel it, atlantic ocean – waterfall 2023 (dr. packer extended remix), street player – nothing you can do (alan dixon love edit) IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
59:01 12/05/2023
May 2023 DJ Mix: chill vibes, house ,nu disco, & deep house
kosmo kint – what love can do, oliver dollar – school daze, andy bach – oh baby (pete herbert remix), sound support – bump into you, henrik villard – i see u, hp vince – a deeper love, radio slave – strobe queen, santos – fragment 019 ‘no me toque’, bondax & dur-dur band – yabaal to london, joey chicago – the truth, levantine – safari disco club, levantine – cosmix disko gruv, ministry of funk – old school (piano party mix), mrsee – stay strong, mrsee – for the heads, lauer & johannes albert – four 44, taylor swift – lavender haze (tensnake remix), lauer & johannes albert – posh-o-rama, dee montero – freedom, oliver dollar – strings for life, alejandro paz – love is ok, andhim – dance again, sandhog – accent, jovonn – what, ricardo baez – animarara, stanny abram – release yourself (extended mix), claptone – euphoria (extended mix), lauer & johannes albert – based on boss, lis sarroca – daywalker (marc brauner remix), overmono – good lies IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
71:43 05/05/2023
April 2023 DJ mix: techno, breaks, funky house, jackin house, & acid
half cut – player, the darrow chem syndicate – karakuri (hankook & perfect kombo remix), perfect kombo – morpheus, richard champion – keep on dance, stanny abram – hold on, robbie doherty – sick n’ tired, black fader & swag headz – deeper love, sidney charles – bassline theory, friend within – don’t hurt me, half cut – free, mant – no turning back, mr. jay – change of heart, wain (uk) – control, shift+x – intense acid, nosk – echoes, bartek industries – time dilation, terr – states of mind, redhsape – plan b, dj d redd – stand or fall, mario ochoa – shades, kaiserdisco – oh yeah, uakoz – inverse, klint – arsenic, marhu – i heard a voice IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
61:08 28/04/2023
April 2023 DJ mix: jackin house, techno, acid, breaks, & uk garage
josh wink – higher state of consciousness (damian lazarus re shape), seb zito – freeze, majestic – bumpin’ (extended mix), silk – quiver (mall grab remix), half cut – energy, seany – heaven – the aston shuffle – too close, dj q & tqd ft. royal-t and flava d – nice and close, charlie boon – feels (extended mix), bushbaby & clarcq – wave90 (extended mix), bowser – focus on me, cortese – burnin’, four tet, skrillex, & fred again.. – baby again.., bart skills – into the clouds, 9th house – midas, redshape – off screen, mario ochoa – rebel, marhu – through my veins, little by little – catwalk, lb aka labat – secrets (kettama remix), mezzo – calling out your name, everything but the girl – nothing left to lose (four tet remix), amy dabbs – know my mind, herve, mkii, & force unknown – waiting for your love IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
61:09 21/04/2023
April 2023 DJ mix: jackin house, deep house, breaks, funky house, & uk garage
fred falke, zen freeman, & ampersounds – nightdrive (club dub), monblaire – don’t leave, hurlee – get movin’, todd edwards & mant – provenance, jon johnston – take me up, ede – polycat, ravers tactics – one night only, dion lenny – i’ve learned that (shadow child ‘classic’ mix), big miz & a.d.o.r. – renegade, rossi. – honey, i’m…, hotswing – work it (extended mix), return of the jaded ft. melly ohh – got what u need (extended mix), odd mob – left to right (jaded extended remix), mark broom, riva starr, & star b – house sound (floorplan extended remix), dirty channels – make you cry (extended mix), trimtone – paradise, justin joe – pull up, donya b bass – can’t stop won’t stop, mellokey – take it back, bushbaby – broken, deadly habitz – it’s the way, bushbaby – m1 impulse, yosh – inverted, my ny leng, t e s t p r e s s, & ormella – maby i (extended mix), danny goliger & choopsie – af rex IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
64:09 14/04/2023
March 2023 DJ mix: techno, breaks, acid, & electro
beresi – extasis of love, hankook & orebeat – dreamers, destroyers & aggresivnes – wicked acid, guau & pavane – mystery, lefrenk – elecccctriiiiic, afternoon tea – heavy heart, dj godfather – step to the tek, yosh – keep coming, black girl / white girl – loui3 (extended mix), dj godfather – are you ready?!?, bashkka – act bad, michael bibi & kinahau ft. audio bullys – different side, marko east & jordi chu – go kart, dajusch – devilwish, kmrt – h4teful 4cid, lester fitzpatrick & dj geto man – aciddddd mane, dan grade – the realms of bang, coyu – saudade, fjaak – madlock, fabio neural – discox (extended mix), alan fitzpatrick – distance, insider – something flash, kettama – blitz zuruck, space jump – you left, i arrived (extended mix), andrea crestani – above the clouds IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
60:57 31/03/2023
March 2023 DJ Mix: chill vibes, nu disco, deep house, & soulful house
ten ven – reachin’ up (extended mix), tensnake & drama – rooftop (extended mix), risk assessment – baby call me, supertaste – is it enough, groove armace – rescue me (dj island remix), acid jerks – distant power plant, tiga – make me fall in love (tiga vs. audion pop version)(extended mi), yo speed – negro, laurer – wilison, earth boys – every day that i don’t think of you, alan braxe & dj falcon ft. panda bear – step by step (junior sanchez remix), rhode & brown – eleganza, tuccilio – sunshine city, claus casper – le mirage, lord leopard ft. conal kelly – club saturn, morgan geist – twilight express, amount – in den tropen, baalti – marigold, denney – rokeby jam, cory wells – house never left, ezequiel g – in da city, stanny abram – cruisin’ (extended mix), ian pooley – feel it, archie b – my love (zsak remix), floorplan – we give thee honor (extended mix) IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
62:58 24/03/2023
March 2023 DJ Mix: funky house, jackin house, breaks, rave, & techno
mr. ho – angel number 909 (acidhouse mix), stanny abram – relentless, delistic – let me tell you (extended mix), ama – put your hands together (extended mix), altere – your lovin’ (extended mix), franky rizardo – whatchagonnado, joleyson – zanzibar, low steppa – the feeling, demuja – together, yesca – hype up the get down, dillion nathaniel – westside trippin (extended mix), the darrow chem syndicate – breakin bossa (hankook & perfect kombo remix), fuxy – automatic, d.vices – caustic devotion (pheuzen remix), dawl – do it like this, philo – paillettes (sandilé remix), timmy p & lucan alexander – trust (james view remix), disaffected – feel the function, adam vyt – everything you need (stu’s oldskool mix), philo – attire, rudosa – naughty pleasure, giulia (it) – rhythm control, estella boersma – voyage, mall grab – love reigns, krystal klear – love cycle IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
66:16 17/03/2023
March 2023 DJ mix: acid, breakbeat, techno, electro, & rave
ova doce – i feel your touch (dawl remix), man power – overbite, blk&wht – take a break, dawl – hyper charged, space dimension controller – neuclidea (hodge remix), hans berg – a floor of stars (luca lozano what’s behind a black hole remix), little by little – dark energy, kaio barssalos – because i feel like this, romina cohn & naiborg – kiss me i want to make love, radio slave – f__k em, little by little – right thru, dj hansz – sure shot (jackin trax & don rimini remix), todd terry & alexander technique – the life (extended mix), jordan peak – in the moment, dave angel – peekaboo, karras martinez – rising, juri heidemann – ronak, sav-e & mag-10 – afterwards, interplanetary criminal – coming on strong, bk298 – planet earth (bk298 voyager mix), dawl – system check, bobby lasers – haunted fairground, djedjotronic – robot fail, morphology – frozen state, lloyd stellar – takeover, gpu panic – rome avenue IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
65:42 10/03/2023
March 2023 DJ Mix: funky house, jackin house, soulful house, deep house, breaks, & uk garage
jacques lu cont – innervision (extended mix), tenacious – what you need, don swing – hos in this house (extended mix), moodtrax – jersey thing, darius syrossian & george smeddles – blood orange, climbers & tony metric – blow it, syap – push push it (extended mix), demuja – nasty, lf system – hungry (for love) (paul woolford remix extended), junior sanchez ft. nez – hit it (extended mix), black loops – higher (djoko remix), jamie jones – piano wax, kristin velvet – perfect division (extended mix), friend within – skeleton, leftwing:kody, james hurr, & i jah – music is the medication (extended mix), soulstate – come home (mkjay remix), sean roman – u don’t have 2, joey slvr – enchantment, baby.j – i wanna tell u something, y u qt – pick me up, omega – stay, j wax – someday, lowco – be there, ondamike – they’re playing, adam vyt & bazco – feel my soul IG: @ladycremedj Soundcloud:
61:49 03/03/2023