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Confusing Teams and the In-Season Tournament with JJ Redick
Zach and JJ Redick discuss the first two quarterfinal games of the In-Season Tournament and then explain why they are confused by an assortment of teams in the league. Pacers advance to Vegas (1:44) Haliburton is a star (8:03) Indiana needs to improve defensively (13:04) Celtics takeaways from loss to Indiana (17:54) Are the Pelicans a sleeping giant in the West? (31:31) Kings (40:39) Mavs (53:41) Cavs (1:04:29) How do we feel about point differential as a tiebreaker in the IST? (1:10:17) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
84:04 05/12/2023
Bobby Marks on the Trade Landscape across the NBA, and Orlando Magic Guard Cole Anthony
Zach and Bobby Marks go around the league and the potential trade landscape as we hit the quarter mark of the NBA season -- Warriors, Clippers, Heat, Pelicans, Lakers, Raptors, and much more. Then Cole Anthony hops on to discuss the Orlando Magic's hot start, that vintage Heat alley-oop he and Jalen Suggs recreated, and all things Orlando.  5:16- How do the Golden State Warriors save their season? 18:14- What do the Chicago Bulls do? 23:50- Pistons Losing Streak 30:40- What's going on with the Clippers? 39:10- Should the Raptors trade one of their core? 51:00 -The New Orleans Pelicans intrigue 1:03:05- Miami Heat talk 1:08:33- Cole Anthony joins the show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
102:56 01/12/2023
Bouncing Around the League with Doris Burke, and Lakers Talk with Dave McMenamin
Zach goes around the NBA with ESPN's Doris Burke: The top of the East and West, middle-rung teams to watch in each conference, much more. Then ESPN's Dave McMenamin joins to check in on the Lakers.  1:35-Who is the second best team in the east? 18:30 -The impressive Orlando Magic 26:30- Who is the second best team in the west? 43:00- Concern level for the Nuggets 46:00 -New York Knicks 53:30- Golden State Warriors 1:06:51- Dave McMenamin on the Lakers Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
104:20 28/11/2023
Searching for Jaylen Brown and is the future now for OKC?
Zach discusses the Celtics season so far, the Bucks recent uptick in play, and what to watch for in their showdown on Wednesday. Then Andrew Schlecht of the Athletic joins to discuss the red-hot Thunder and their potential approach at the trade deadline, plus other young teams on the rise: Kings, Rockets, Magic, Pacers, more.  1:00- Start to the season for the Celtics 9:50- Balancing the Celtics offensive concerns with their defensive excellence 14:00- Jaylen Brown's season 28:35- Andrew Schlecht on the Thunder 46:25- Should the Thunder make a move? 1:05:00- Temperature check on the Orlando Magic 1:09:30- Sacramento Kings start to season 1:16:30- Houston Rockets confusing start. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
87:47 21/11/2023
Nekias Duncan on the East
Zach and Nekias Duncan of The Dunker Spot go around the middle of the East with deep dives on the Heat, Knicks, Hawks, Cavaliers, Raptors, and Nets. Plus, more Zach LaVine trade chatter and reaction to Russ coming off the bench for the new-look Clippers. Heat (0:38) Hawks (14:45) Knicks (22:13) Cavs (32:44) Raptors (40:12) Nets (50:11) Russell Westbrook to come off of the bench for the Clippers (1:02:15) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
69:55 17/11/2023
Pelton and Dakhil
Zach and ESPN's Kevin Pelton discuss the skirmish between Minnesota and Golden State, the title chances for the Timberwolves, fake Zach LaVine trades, and the upside for the Thunder. Then Bleacher Report's Mo Dakhil joins to review some rookies.   The fracas between the Twolves and Warriors (1:13) Worry level for the Warriors (4:36) Gobert's quotes on Draymond (9:25) Minnesota's hot start (13:06) Are the Twolves title contenders? (15:35) Fake Zach LaVine trades (27:13) Optimism in OKC (40:53) Clippers fall to 0-5 with Harden (45:40) Mo Dakhil (50:38) Brandon Miller (52:10) Marcus Sasser (1:01:03) Ausar Thompson (1:09:24) Bilal Coulibaly (1:14:06) Keyonte George (1:20:01) Anthony Black (1:27:02) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
101:02 15/11/2023
Howard Beck
Zach and The Ringer's Howard Beck discuss the Sixers' success without James Harden and the Clippers' struggles to find their footing with him. Plus, surprise teams, a star in the making, and more. Philly looks great (2:10) Should the Sixers try to add another star this season? (10:03) Still feeling things out with Boston (26:45) Gut check time for the Clippers (35:55) Warriors look like themselves again (49:55) Rockets are Top 5 in net rating (56:46) Alperen Sengun is a star in the making (58:55) The Pacers are fun (1:02:37) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
73:19 10/11/2023
Youngmisuk and MacMahon
Zach and ESPN's Ohm Youngmisuk discuss James Harden's debut with the Clippers. Then ESPN's Tim MacMahon joins to assess some intrigue in the West. Harden's debut (4:28) Harden's passing (7:40) Impact of Plumlee injury (13:19) Clips showed glimpses but still a bit disjointed (16:50) Harden and Kawhi aren't a perfect fit (29:46) Don't evoke the lob word (32:15) Title contenders? (37:08) Tim MacMahon (40:02) Thoughts on Harden (40:47) Timberwolves winning with defense (44:53) State of the Lakers (58:45) Zion's burst (1:10:33) Heat Culture jerseys and court (1:11:38) Warriors so far (1:14:00) Mavs 6-1 start (1:27:42) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
101:27 07/11/2023
Wembanyama's Breakout with Steve Jones, Jr.
Zach and Steve Jones, Jr. of The Dunker Spot discuss Victor Wembanyama's breakout game against Phoenix, the repercussions of the James Harden trade in both Philly and LA, and then go rapid-fire around the early NBA landscape.  Wembanyama's coming out party (1:11) Early takeaways on Phoenix (10:51) Mavs'4-0 start (16:11) Thoughts on Minnesota (20:53) Harden's fit in LA (22:25) Lakers getting defensive effort from Reddish and Wood (32:50) Sixers look good so far (35:36) Rapid Fire Thoughts (44:33) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
65:57 03/11/2023
Harden Trade Reaction with Bobby Marks
Zach and ESPN's Bobby Marks discuss the many layers of the Clippers trade for James Harden. Terms of the trade (2:48) Both teams will think they won this (6:08) Clippers knew they needed more to contend (8:31) Clippers could not make this deal a year from now (14:32) This is a last chance for everyone involved (23:03) Clippers are must see TV (26:09) How do Clippers match up with the top teams in the West? (33:01) On CP3 coming off the bench for the Warriors (41:19) Was the price worth it for Clippers? (43:07) Sixers' chances in the East (49:05) Sixers trade candidates (55:08) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
71:29 31/10/2023
Early Observations with Nekias Duncan
Zach and Nekias Duncan of the Dunker Spot go rapid-fire around the first week of the NBA season: Dame's debut in Milwaukee, Lakers and Suns two games in, the Sixers without Harden (and what happens next there), Wembanyama, and tons of other early observations.  Dame's debut (1:11) Sixers offense without Harden (7:41) Harden interlude (13:47) Lakers (26:09) There's nothing you can do to stop Jokic (32:35) The AD discourse (37:45) Random rapid fire observations (47:15) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
75:47 27/10/2023
Giannis Extension and Season Predictions with Kevin Pelton
Zach reacts to Giannis Antetokounmpo signing an extension in Milwaukee. Then he and ESPN's Kevin Pelton predict every major NBA award, the Finals matchup, and 2024 NBA champion -- plus quick-hitters on all the new contract extensions, James Harden/Clippers latest, much more.  Rookie of the Year (9:28) Most Valuable Player (14:54) Defensive Player of the Year (21:19) Grizzlies without Steven Adams (28:57) Coach of the Year (34:45) Minnesota’s financial crunch (38:11) Most Improved Player (46:19) 6th Man of the Year (53:40) Latest on Harden (58:09) Finals Predictions (1:09:40) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
84:16 24/10/2023
Serrano, Concepcion, Marks, and Clark
Zach brings in old friends Shea Serrano and Jason Concepcion to talk about their new podcast Six Trophies and preview the NBA season in their own way. Then ESPN's Bobby Marks makes rapid-fire predictions on contract extensions for the 2020 draft class and Kevin Clark previews the Orlando Magic and the East play-in race.  Serrano and Concepcion Reviewing Shea's Finals prediction (3:02) Will Anthony Edwards be a Top 8 player by the end of the season? (8:05) Should the Knicks trade for KAT? (10:09) Random team you are excited to watch (15:53) Rule change you would make (18:57) A player that makes you laugh (23:05) 2020 Rookie Extensions with Bobby Marks (27:54) Kevin Clark (55:46) Top 7 in the East (1:00:42) Franz and Paolo tandem will be special (1:03:37) Optimistic case for the Magic (1:08:18) What are they getting from Suggs and Isaac? (1:17:07) Fultz is a winning player (1:24:31) Will Orlando make the play-in? (1:28:31) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
99:35 20/10/2023
Two Eagles (Ian and Noah), Harden, and a Bucks Preview
Zach talks to father-and-son broadcast duo Ian Eagle and Noah Eagle about sharing Nets play-by-play duties, their lives and careers, and what to expect in Brooklyn this season. Then it's time for a James Harden Interlude (sponsorship pending) before Eric Nehm of The Athletic pops on to talk all things Milwaukee Bucks -- including our first look at Dame and Giannis together. Eagles Noah will be broadcasting 10 Nets games this year (1:36) What's it going to be like for Ian watching Noah in his seat (6:06) On Noah deciding to pursue a career in broadcasting (8:40) Other broadcasters Noah has looked up to (12:40) Parallel parking advice from "The Czar" Mike Fratello (19:14) The notion of being on or behind the play (22:37) Difference between doing a game on radio and television (27:22) Bill Raftery stories (34:55) Ian's "Blank Space" call on a Travis Kelce touchdown (38:31) Most interesting thing about the Nets (42:15) Kevin Garnett stories (51:08) James Harden Interlude (57:34) Eric Nehm (1:08:28) Dame's preseason debut (1:09:30) Is Giannis comfortable setting 40 screens a game? (1:15:53) Brook Lopez is going to get a lot of open shots (1:24:15) Who's the 5th starter? (1:32:26) Defense will be different under Adrian Griffin (1:38:03) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
109:25 17/10/2023
Bontemps and Fedor
Zach and ESPN's Tim Bontemps discuss the Heat and Sixers after neither was able to make a trade (yet), the James Harden stand-off, the Clippers role, much more. Then Chris Fedor of hops on to preview the Cavs. Hawks bet (1:02) Heat outlook (5:00) Like the over on 44 wins for Miami (14:54) Tyler Herro’s strengths and weaknesses (20:39) Sixers options with James Harden (31:03) Similarities between ’23-‘24 Sixers and ’18-’19 Raptors (35:59) The Tyrese Maxey breakout is coming (42:54) Chris Fedor on the Cavs (54:34) How does Cleveland recover after last year's defeat (57:30) Who starts at the 3 for Cleveland? (1:00:00) Pressure on JB Bickerstaff (1:03:30) Change in tempo in Cleveland (1:07:20) Are we going to see less Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley lineups? (1:11:35) What is Cleveland's plan against top wings? (1:15:00) Will Evan Mobley's defensive role change? (1:22:00) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
92:00 13/10/2023
Over/Unders with Kevin Pelton
Zach and ESPN's Kevin Pelton break down the Victor Wembanyama-Chet Holmgren duel, pick their favorite overs and under for NBA win totals, talk James Harden stand-off and his potential fit with the Clippers, Jrue Holiday coming off the bench in Boston's preseason opener, and much more.  Wemby vs. Chet (1:12) Thunder outlook (5:07) Wemby takeaways (12:48) Favorite Overs Hornets (21:20) Grizzlies (29:11) Raptors (34:10) Timberwolves (35:45) Hawks (39:54) Favorite Unders Bucks (42:50) Mavs (53:29) Warriors (57:06) Other under candidates (1:01:27) Clipper interest in James Harden (1:06:01) Reaction to GM survey (1:15:40) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
83:33 10/10/2023
Chiney Ogwumike and Matt Barnes
Zach and ESPN's Chiney Ogwumike project a Celtics-Bucks head-to-head matchup, talk Jrue Holiday and Dame trades, James Harden situation, Devin Vassell extension, Chiney's hometown Rockets, the WNBA Finals, and most important a detailed analysis of Chiney's performance on "Is It Cake?" Then Matt Barnes of All the Smoke joins to preview the Sacramento Kings. Ogwumike How the Celtics and Bucks matchup (1:29) Embiid commits to Team USA (22:23) Devin Vassell extension (27:37) Rockets outlook (30:23) WNBA Finals preview (40:45) Is It Cake? (47:17) Barnes (56:20) Playoff loss was learning experience (59:39) Kings want to prove last year was not a fluke (1:05:20) Defense remains the big question (1:07:41) Importance of Keegan Murray (1:10:48) Kings bench (1:14:12) Thoughts on Lillard and Holiday trades (1:20:33) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
95:40 05/10/2023
Howard Beck on the Jrue Holiday trade to Boston and the fallout from the Dame Trade
Zach and Howard Beck of The Ringer break down the Jrue Holiday trade to Boston, the potential Bucks-Celtics matchup, the Portland-Miami stand-off over Damian Lillard, James Harden's absence from Sixers media day, and much more.  Recapping who and what went where the past week (2:53) State of the East (10:34) Jrue Holiday's fit in Boston (13:19) Best in the East (17:09) Clippers still looking for a guard (22:24) Celtics moving on from Robert Williams (30:07) Boston's financial future (39:16) Re-visiting the Dame deal to Miami that never happened (42:35) Joe Cronin is vindicated as a GM (49:54) How we got here with Dame (53:16) Embiid not happy (1:02:47) Draymond injury (1:11:21) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
79:12 02/10/2023
Emergency Dame Pod
Zach and ESPN's Bobby Marks discuss what the Damian Lillard trade to Milwaukee means for the Bucks, Blazers, Suns, Heat, and Raptors. Plus, fake Jrue Holiday trades. Jrue Holiday appreciation (2:43) What the Blazers got back for Dame (7:08) Lillard's fit with Milwaukee (12:51) Potential double gut punch for Miami (23:31) Raptors sniffed around but risk was too high (32:24) Phoenix side of the deal (38:29) Fake Jrue Holiday trades (46:42) The Knicks should really consider making a play for Holiday (57:43) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
74:55 28/09/2023
Lakers guard Austin Reaves and a Nuggets Preview
Zach talks to Austin Reaves about his unlikely journey and all things Lakers, then DNVR's Adam Mares joins to preview the defending champion Denver Nuggets -- plus a brief Dame aside. Team USA experience (:58) Did you think you were going to be on the Spurs? (3:43) Taylor Swift dating rumors (5:36) Earning LeBron’s trust (11:42) The “I’m him!” game (14:36) LeBron’s team workouts (25:11) Says he’s the best golfer among NBA players (29:06) Russell Westbrook being a great teammate (41:40) How Denver will replace Bruce Brown and Jeff Green (54:05) Teams can’t outscore Denver (58:49) Will Michael Malone have to stagger starters more? (1:09:24) Getting Michael Porter, Jr. more involved offensively (1:12:07) Jamal Murray should be in the All-Star conversation this year (1:17:05) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
88:31 26/09/2023
Marks and MacMahon
Zach talks to ESPN's Bobby Marks about Damian Lillard buzz, Buddy Hield trade possibilities, and the new-look Indiana Pacers. Then ESPN's Tim MacMahon joins to preview the Mavs and Jazz. Recent buzz around Dame (:28) Fake Buddy Hield trades (12:07) Pacers outlook (21:42) We were all wrong about Lauri Markkanen (34:58) Jazz outlook (41:57) How many wins? (47:30) John Collins' fit (57:57) Mavericks fit around Luka and Kyrie (1:01:10) Where do Mavs stack up in the West? (1:04:53) What would a successful season be? (1:16:11) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
86:46 22/09/2023
Pelton and Lopez
Zach and ESPN's Kevin Pelton pick their most intriguing players for the upcoming NBA season, talk Dame trades, rest rules, and more. Then ESPN's Andrew Lopez joins to preview the Pelicans and Spurs.  2:10- Josh Giddey. 12:25- Giddey's FIBA play 14:00- Kristaps Porzingis' fit in Boston 20:25- Who are the favorites in the East? 21:10- Miami Heat discussion 23:00- Lamelo Ball talk 25:30 What went wrong with Lamelo last year 27:00- Kai Jones' social media brigade 33:15- Trae Young's season outlook 35:00- Tyrese Maxey's season outlook 38:00- Deandre Ayton's importance to Phoenix's sucess 40:50- Damian Lillard updates 44:00- Dame to Toronto? 49:30- Resting Policy. 51:00- Andrew Lopez joins 54:50- Injuries plaguing New Orleans 1:00:00- Latest on Zion 1:07:45- How many games will Zion play 1:11:15- Pelicans pick equity 1:19:15- Why the Pelicans aren't in the Dame sweepstakes 1:22:00- Spurs expectations after getting Wemby 1:30:30- Devin Vassell's outlook 1:35:30- Jeremy Sochan's fit on the Spurs Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
104:02 19/09/2023
Ramona Shelburne on Giannis, Harden, Golden State, and the Lakers
Zach and ESPN's Ramona Shelburne discuss Giannis Antetokounmpo's recent comments about his future, dive into Ramona's recent story on the James Harden stalemate, preview the Golden State Warriors, and much more.  Giannis doubling down on his future possibly being elsewhere (1:27) Zach thinks Milwaukee might trade Giannis if things go horribly wrong this year (10:22) How can Milwaukee improve this season? (13:45) What teams are closely monitoring Giannis' situation (21:03) How many more titles will Steph-led Warriors win? (33:20) On a potential extension for Klay Thompson (38:28) Will CP3 start for the Warriors? (44:50) Harden vs. Daryl Morey (53:30) Trying to make sense of Harden's thinking about his contract status (1:13:13) Lakers extend Jarred Vanderbilt (1:24:30) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
89:39 15/09/2023
MacMahon and Murphy
Zach and ESPN's Tim MacMahon discuss Team USA's failure at the FIBA World Cup, look ahead to the 2024 Olympics, and size up the Lakers' place in the West in the wake of the Christian Wood signing. Then (58:30) Sportsnet's Blake Murphy joins to weigh in on Team Canada as well as the Raptors' outlook for the 2023-24 season. Potential new resting rules (:46) Team USA finishes 4th at the FIBA World Cup (5:03) How many of the guys on the World Cup roster will be on Olympic Roster next year? (9:12) Who are your dream 3 picks to have on the Team USA roster for the 2024 Olympics? (11:29) Do you enough the aesthetics of FIBA basketball? (16:33) Filling out the rest of the 2024 US Olympic roster (20:08) Olympics will be fun (28:54) Lakers sign Christian Wood (35:49) Where do the Lakers stack up in the West? (47:35) What did Canada's 3rd place finish at the FIBA World Cup mean? (1:00:03) What big names might join Team Canada for the 2024 Olympics (1:02:12) Shai Gilgeous-Alexander's tour de force in the FIBA World Cup (1:07:02) Dillon Brooks' standout performance (1:13:09) How did RJ Barrett play? (1:18:35) Temperature check on the Raptors (1:24:03) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
99:30 11/09/2023
Bobby Marks on Harden, Team USA, and the One Question Zach would ask Ben Simmons
Zach and ESPN's Bobby Marks get caught up on the James Harden situation, the Damian Lillard landscape, Giannis Antetokounmpo's recent comments about his time in Milwaukee, Team USA at the FIBA World Cup, and much more. Harden upset in Philly (2:58) Giannis' statement (16:02) Harden situation is more chaotic than it was with Simmons (22:25) What happened in Brooklyn with Harden? (30:28) Anything new with Dame? (38:40) The one question Zach would ask Ben Simmons (52:07) Team USA at the World Cup (54:30) Supermax candidates (1:13:50) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
80:32 05/09/2023
Denver Nuggets Head Coach Michael Malone and Ohm Youngmisuk
Zach and Denver Nuggets head coach Michael Malone go behind the scenes on the Nuggets journey to the 2023 NBA title, then ESPN's Ohm Youngmisuk join to talk the Clippers at the crossroads, the James Harden situation, and more.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
91:07 27/07/2023
MacMahon. Schlecht, and Krawczynski
Zach Lowe begins the podcast discussing the latest on Bronny James following his Cardiac Arrest, and Jaylen Brown's new supermax contract extension, then he bounces around the Western Conference: ESPN's Tim MacMahon joins to talk Rockets (7:16), Andrew Schlecht of The Athletic discusses what's next with the Thunder (37:01) , and finally Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic details what a quiet offseason so far means for the strange Minnesota Timberwolves. (1:03:03) 10:46- The Rockets young pieces 14:45- Jabari Smith Jr.'s emergence 26:16- Alperun Penguin's fit with team 33:15- What does Dillon Brooks bring? 39:00- OKC's plans for implementing Chet Holmgren 45:00- Who will make OKC's final roster? 52:25- Is Josh Giddey the odd man out? 1:08:52- Looking back at the Wolves postseason performance 1:13:00 Karl-Anthony Towns future with team. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
87:27 25/07/2023
Chris Herring
Zach and Chris Herring of discuss the James Harden stand-off and the futures of the Sixers and Clippers, then pick their five most intriguing new player-team fits: Chris Paul in Golden State, Marcus Smart in Memphis, John Collins in Utah, much more. Harden ready to get uncomfortable (1:26) Sixers and Clippers haven't done much this summer (8:19) Clause in CBA could affect Harden's plans to get uncomfortable (14:09) Harden's potential fit with Clippers (22:15) How Chris Paul fits with Golden State (31:15) CP3 is coming off the bench, right? (37:13) Marcus Smart's fit with Memphis (49:55) Is Jaren Jackson, Jr.'s future at the 5? (58:32) Georges Niang in Cleveland (1:03:17) John Collins in Utah (1:10:01) Bruce Brown in Indiana (1:19:27) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
84:48 21/07/2023
McMenamin and Schwartz
Zach discusses Joel Embiid's recent comments about his future in Philadelphia, and talks Lakers outlook with ESPN's Dave McMenamin. Then (52:51) ESPN's Michael Schwartz -- research guru and lifelong Suns fan -- joins to talk the revamped Suns title chances.  McMenamin Embiid opening the door to leave Philly (1:05) Embiid’s playoff history (14:17) How good will the Lakers be? (20:16) LeBron is returning (24:29) We are not far off from seeing players make a million dollars per game (28:58) Anthony Davis extension looming (35:27) Starting five (40:26) Offense needs to be better (45:15) Schwartz (52:51) Air of skepticism around Suns (56:23) Should be a Top 3 offense (1:01:33) Ayton is the key to the defense (1:06:51) Starting lineup (1:13:08) Are you excited about this all-in team? Do you miss the homegrown feel of Bridges and Johnson? (1:15:34) Need more consistency from Ayton (1:17:50) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
92:31 17/07/2023
Begley, Nance, and Wasch
In a mega-Las Vegas episode, Zach talks to Ian Begley of SNY about the Knicks offseason and outlook, crashes Larry Nance Jr. (34:20) to talk Pelicans and Zion, and then visits with the NBA's Evan Wasch (1:07:18) to discuss the new play-in tournament and the craziest ideas the league office has ever discussed. Begley No need to rush things (5:38) The big swings the Knicks could take (9:33) Knicks monitoring Embiid (16:05) Trading Obi Toppin and where we are on Randle (20:41) Immanuel Quickley extension coming (25:55) Knicks are in a good place (31:47) Nance Loves seeing the success of former Laker teammates (36:24) clapping back at media report about Zion’s work ethic (38:07) Not crazy to say that Zion is a top 5 offensive player in the league when healthy (43:04) lot of buzz around Trey Murphy (46:32) on his journeyman career (49:21) on how he traded houses with Josh Hart (54:18) stories from the cast of characters on his team as a rookie (57:15) Wasch Details of In-Season Tournament (1:09:31) Tournament nights (1:11:58) Any thought to including G League or International teams? (1:15:05) Figuring out compensation for winning team (1:18:39) Rules, gameplay, and structure questions (1:24:06) Out of the box ideas that have been discussed at the league office (1:27:58) How tanking has been disincentivized (1:31:47) How far are we going to go with automated officiating (1:35:34) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
102:26 13/07/2023

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