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Frizzle Fry (Remastered)



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Canciones del álbum

To Defy the Laws of Tradition Primus 06:40
Groundhog's Day Primus 04:58
Too Many Puppies Primus 03:56
Mr. Knowitall Primus 03:49
Frizzle Fry Primus 06:03
John the Fisherman Primus 03:37
You Can't Kill Michael Malloy Primus 00:25
The Toys Go Winding Down Primus 04:35
Pudding Time Primus 04:07
Sathington Willoughby Primus 00:24
Spegetti Western Primus 05:41
Harold of the Rocks Primus 06:17
To Defy Primus 00:37
Hello Skinny/Constantinople Primus 04:48

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