Album picture of Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

Decades: Live in Buenos Aires



Canciones del álbum

Swanheart (Live) Nightwish 02:49
End of All Hope (Live) Nightwish 04:00
Wish I Had an Angel (Live) Nightwish 04:19
10Th Man Down (Live) Nightwish 05:28
Come Cover Me (Live) Nightwish 05:48
Gethsemane (Live) Nightwish 05:42
Élan (Live) Nightwish 04:27
Sacrament of Wilderness (Live) Nightwish 04:23
Deep Silent Complete (Live) Nightwish 04:19
Dead Boy's Poem (Live) Nightwish 06:50
Elvenjig (Live) Nightwish 02:50
Elvenpath (Live) Nightwish 05:54
I Want My Tears Back (Live) Nightwish 05:25
Amaranth (Live) Nightwish 04:41
The Carpenter (Live) Nightwish 06:07
The Kinslayer (Live) Nightwish 04:17
Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean (Live) Nightwish 04:56
Nemo (Live) Nightwish 04:54
Slaying the Dreamer (Live) Nightwish 05:12
The Greatest Show on Earth (Live) Nightwish 16:59

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