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Canciones del álbum

Cherry Red Waterparks 01:25
Watch What Happens Next Waterparks 02:43
Dream Boy Waterparks 02:47
Easy To Hate Waterparks 03:11
High Definition Waterparks 03:02
Telephone Waterparks 02:33
Group Chat Waterparks 00:14
Turbulent Waterparks 02:42
Never Bloom Again Waterparks 03:32
I Miss Having Sex But At Least I Don't Wanna Die Anymore Waterparks 02:13
War Crimes Waterparks 03:08
[Reboot] Waterparks 03:22
Worst Waterparks 02:37
Zone Out Waterparks 01:05
I Felt Younger When We Met Waterparks 03:21

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