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Yes Sir, I Can Boogie



Canciones del álbum

Yes Sir, I Can Boogie Baccara 04:34
The Devil Sent You to Lorado Baccara 04:04
Cara Mia Baccara 02:57
Parlez-vous francais? Baccara 04:30
Number One Baccara 02:38
Yummy, Yummy, Yummy Baccara 03:33
Sorry, I'm a Lady Baccara 03:36
Granada Baccara 04:18
(Baby, Why Don't You Reach Out?) Light My Fire Baccara 04:44
La Bamba Baccara 03:01
Koochie-Koo Baccara 04:01
Adelita Baccara 02:28
Somewhere In Paradise Baccara 04:10
Darling Baccara 05:25
Gimme More Baccara 03:49
Can't Help Falling In Love Baccara 03:27

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