Album picture of Get It On: The Collection

Get It On: The Collection

T. Rex


Canciones del álbum

Get It On T. Rex 04:24
Ride A White Swan T. Rex 02:11
Mustang Ford T. Rex 02:57
Cat Black (The Wizard's Hat) T. Rex 02:50
Jeepster T. Rex 04:11
A Beard Of Stars T. Rex 01:37
Debora T. Rex 03:08
Salamanda Palaganda T. Rex 02:12
Life's A Gas T. Rex 02:25
Juniper Suction T. Rex 01:11
Stacey Grove T. Rex 01:56
Warlord Of The Royal Crocodiles T. Rex 02:09
Cosmic Dancer T. Rex 04:26
Beltane Walk T. Rex 02:26
The Time Of Love Is Now T. Rex 02:42
The Wizard T. Rex 08:50
Summer Deep T. Rex 01:43
Blessed Wild Apple Girl T. Rex 02:34
The Travelling Tragition T. Rex 01:46
Desdemona T. Rex 02:26

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