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Monster (Remastered)



Escucha el álbum Monster (Remastered) de R.E.M.

Canciones del álbum

What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? (Remastered) R.E.M. 04:00
Crush With Eyeliner (Remastered) R.E.M. 04:38
King Of Comedy (Remastered) R.E.M. 03:41
I Don’t Sleep, I Dream (Remastered) R.E.M. 03:27
Star 69 (Remastered) R.E.M. 03:08
Strange Currencies (Remastered) R.E.M. 03:52
Tongue (Remastered) R.E.M. 04:13
Bang And Blame (Remastered) R.E.M. 05:27
I Took Your Name (Remastered) R.E.M. 04:02
Let Me In (Remastered) R.E.M. 03:28
Circus Envy (Remastered) R.E.M. 04:15
You (Remastered) R.E.M. 04:54

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