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The Misfits Box Set



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Canciones del álbum

She (Reel Platinum 1985) Misfits 01:21
Hollywood Babylon (C.I Recording 1978) Misfits 02:18
Horror Business (C.I Recording 1979) Misfits 02:42
Teenagers From Mars (C.I Recording 1979/Without Count In) Misfits 02:35
Night Of The Living Dead (Master Sound Productions 1980) Misfits 01:56
Where Eagles Dare (Reel Platinum 1986) Misfits 02:06
Vampira (Master Sound Productions 1980) Misfits 01:19
I Turned Into A Martian (Mix-O-Lydian 1981) Misfits 01:41
Skulls (Master Sound Productions 1980) Misfits 01:56
London Dungeon (Master Sound Productions 1980) Misfits 02:33
Ghouls Night Out (Master Sound Productions 1980) Misfits 01:56
Astro Zombies (Reel Platinum 1986) Misfits 02:09
Mommy Can I Go Out & Kill Tonight? (Fox Studio 1983) Misfits 01:59
Die, Die My Darling (Fox Studio 1983) Misfits 03:07
Cough/Cool (Reel Platinum 1987) Misfits 02:14
Children In Heat (C.I Recording 1979) Misfits 02:05
Horror Hotel (Master Sound Productions 1980) Misfits 01:25
Halloween (Mix-O-Lydian 1981) Misfits 01:50
Halloween II (Mix-O-Lydian 1981) Misfits 02:13
Hate Breeders (Reel Platinum 1986) Misfits 02:43

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