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Canciones del álbum

Africa Toto 04:21
I'll Be Over You Toto 03:49
Stop Loving You Toto 04:29
I Won't Hold You Back Toto 04:56
Pamela (Single Version) Toto 04:28
Kingdom of Desire Toto 07:15
Don't Stop Me Now Toto 03:04
2 Hearts Toto 05:05
Only You Toto 04:26
Hold the Line (Single Version) Toto 03:30
Rosanna (Single Version) Toto 03:59
Don't Chain My Heart Toto 04:41
Isolation Toto 04:04
Mama Toto 05:12
Turn Back Toto 03:58
No Love Toto 04:35
Melanie Toto 05:19
Slipped Away Toto 05:15
The Road Goes On Toto 04:23
Georgy Porgy Toto 04:07

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