Album picture of They Can't All Be Zingers

They Can't All Be Zingers



Canciones del álbum

To Defy The Laws Of Tradition Primus 06:40
John The Fisherman (Album Version) Primus 03:36
Too Many Puppies Primus 03:56
Jerry Was A Race Car Driver Primus 03:11
Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers (Album Version) Primus 05:17
Tommy The Cat Primus 04:14
My Name Is Mud Primus 04:45
Mr. Krinkle (Album Version) Primus 05:24
DMV (Album Version) Primus 04:56
Over The Electric Grapevine Primus 06:23
Wynona's Big Brown Beaver Primus 04:22
Southbound Pachyderm Primus 06:22
Over The Falls Primus 02:41
Shake Hands With Beef (extended version) Primus 04:23
Coattails Of A Dead Man Primus 05:17
Mary The Ice Cube Primus 04:37

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