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Canciones del álbum

Swear It Again (Radio Edit) Westlife 04:08
If I Let You Go (Radio Edit) Westlife 03:41
Flying Without Wings Westlife 03:36
Fool Again Westlife 03:54
No No Westlife 03:14
I Don't Wanna Fight Westlife 05:03
Change the World Westlife 03:09
Moments Westlife 04:17
Seasons in the Sun Westlife 04:08
I Need You Westlife 03:49
Miss You Westlife 03:53
More than Words Westlife 03:54
Open Your Heart Westlife 03:38
Try Again Westlife 03:34
What I Want Is What I Got Westlife 03:33
We Are One Westlife 03:42
Can't Lose What You Never Had Westlife 04:24
My Private Movie Westlife 04:04

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