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Greatest Hits 1985-1995



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Canciones del álbum

What About Love? (Remastered) Heart 03:38
If Looks Could Kill (Remastered) Heart 03:40
Never (Remastered 2000) Heart 04:05
These Dreams (Remastered 2000) Heart 04:12
Nothin' At All (Remastered) Heart 04:08
Alone (Remastered) Heart 03:37
Who Will You Run To (Remastered) Heart 04:06
There's The Girl (Remastered) Heart 03:51
Surrender To Me (From "Tequila Sunrise" Soundtrack / Remastered) Ann Wilson, Robin Zander 04:06
All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You (Remastered) Heart 05:05
I Didn't Want To Need You (Remastered) Heart 04:05
Tall, Dark Handsome Stranger (Remastered) Heart 04:00
Stranded (Remastered) Heart 03:55
You're The Voice (Remastered) Heart 04:24
Back To Avalon (Remastered) Heart 03:40
Black On Black II (Remastered) Heart 03:50
Will You Be There (In The Morning) (Remastered) Heart 04:27
The Road Home (Live / Remastered) Heart 03:37


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