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The Best Of - 20 Years Of Rock



Canciones del álbum

Talk Dirty To Me Poison 03:44
I Want Action Poison 03:05
I Won't Forget You (Remastered) Poison 03:34
Cry Tough Poison 03:38
Look What The Cat Dragged In Poison 03:10
Nothin' But A Good Time (Remastered 2006) Poison 03:43
Fallen Angel (Remastered) Poison 03:56
Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Remastered 2003) Poison 04:20
Your Mama Don't Dance Poison 03:00
Unskinny Bop Poison 03:49
Rock And Roll All Nite Poison 03:35
Ride The Wind Poison 03:53
Something To Believe In (Remastered) Poison 05:30
Life Goes On (Remastered) Poison 04:49
Stand Poison 05:14
The Last Song (Remastered) Poison 04:22
Shooting Star Poison 04:37
We're An American Band Poison 03:10

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