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Canciones del álbum

Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good! (Remix) Megadeth 03:02
The Skull Beneath The Skin (Remix) Megadeth 03:45
Peace Sells (2004 Remaster) Megadeth 04:02
Wake Up Dead (2004 Remaster) Megadeth 03:37
Devils Island (2004 Remaster) Megadeth 05:05
Set The World Afire (Remastered 2004) Megadeth 05:48
Into The Lungs Of Hell (Remastered 2004) Megadeth 03:22
Anarchy/Problems (Session Take) Megadeth 03:51
Hook In Mouth (Remastered) Megadeth 04:40
Liar (Remastered) Megadeth 03:20
In My Darkest Hour Megadeth 06:26
No More Mr. Nice Guy Megadeth 03:00
Dark Themes (Interview Excerpt) Megadeth 00:36
Holy Wars...The Punishment Due (Casey McMackin Demo) Megadeth 06:42
Tornado Of Souls (Demo) Megadeth 05:17
Five Magics (Demo) Megadeth 05:37
Hangar 18 (2004 Remix) Megadeth 05:11
Keeping Score Megadeth 01:35
Symphony Of Destruction Megadeth 04:06
Go To Hell Megadeth 04:35

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