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Rhythm in Your Mind STR4TA 03:45
Lazy Days (feat. Emma-Jean Thackray) STR4TA, Emma-Jean Thackray 06:32
Turn Me Around STR4TA 05:15
Galactic Fanfare STR4TA 00:56
Kinshasa FC STR4TA 05:05
Lazy Days (feat. Emma-Jean Thackray) STR4TA, Emma-Jean Thackray 04:28
Steppers Crusade STR4TA 05:09
Find Your Heaven (feat. Valerie Etienne) STR4TA, Valerie Etienne 05:08
Lazy Days (feat. Emma-Jean Thackray) STR4TA, Emma-Jean Thackray 05:03
Virgil STR4TA 04:12

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Inspired by British funk from the early 1980s, St4ta is a production duo comprised of French DJ Gilles Peterson and musician Jean-Paul ‘Bluey’ Maunick, guitarist and singer of the group Incognito. Founded in 2020, the two members’ friendship dates back to the acid jazz scene of the 1990s when Bluey recorded and performed with Incognito and Peterson founded the influential labels Acid Jazz, Talkin’ Loud, and Brownswood Recordings. The two icons reunited in 2020 as Str4ta and released the album Aspects in March 2021. The album reached Number 1 on the British jazz chart. Aspects was followed later in the year by The Invicta Mixtape, which featured remixes of the album’s tracks by several different producers. In November 2022, the duo released their next studio album, Str4tosfear, which featured musical assistance from trumpeters Theo Croker and Emma-Jean Tackray, and vocalists Omar, Anushka and Valerie Etienne. The album was a commercial success, reaching Number 2 on the British Jazz Albums chart.