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Question (From "Assassination Classroom") Amalee 04:26
Jingo Jungle (From "Saga of Tanya the Evil") Amalee 03:45
Crossing Field (From "Sword Art Online") Amalee 04:05
One Hell of a Team (Inspired by "Hazbin Hotel") Amalee, Divide Music 03:50
Let Me Hear (From "Parasyte") Amalee 03:55
Hero Too (from "My Hero Academia") Amalee 04:04
Flyers (From "Death Parade") Amalee 03:26
Guess Who Is Back (From "Black Clover") Amalee 03:36
No.7 (from "Toilet-bound Hanako-kun") Amalee, NateWantsToBattle 03:38
Life Will Change (From "Persona 5") Amalee 03:55

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