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Understood Built to Spill 04:02
Fool's Gold Built to Spill 04:01
Carry the Zero Built to Spill 05:43
Never Alright Built to Spill 04:50
Gonna Lose Built to Spill 02:33
Sidewalk Built to Spill 03:51
Rocksteady Built to Spill 05:06
Honey I Sure Miss You Built to Spill 03:29
Elements Built to Spill 05:48
Spiderweb Built to Spill 05:23

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A long-running icon of America's indie rock and alternative rock communities, Built to Spill was formed by singer/songwriter Doug Martsch in 1992 in Boise, Idaho. Ultimate Alternative Wavers, the band's debut album, was released in 1993, with bassist Brett Netson and drummer Ralf Youtz appearing alongside Martsch. 1994's There's Nothing Wrong with Love featured a a different drummer, and Built to Spill's lineup continued to shift frequently over the ensuing years, with Martsch remaining the band's sole consistent member after Netson's departure in 2015. Shortly after the release of There's Nothing Wrong with Love, Built to Spill signed with Warner Bros., with Perfect from Now On marking the band's first major-label release in 1997. Keep It Like a Secret earning the band its first appearance on the Billboard 200 two years later. Although genuine success on the Billboard charts continued to remain elusive for Built to Spill, the group received frequent acclaim for its releases, including records like 2006's You in Reverse and 2020's Built to Spill Plays the Songs of Daniel Johnston. Built to Spill left Warner Bros in 2017 and eventually signed with a different American label, Sub Pop Records, with When the Wind Forgets Your Name marking the band's tenth studio release in 2022.