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Way Back When Ajmw 02:27
Clouds Ajmw 02:40
Ode To Life Ajmw, Delayde 02:48
Love Ajmw, HM Surf 03:02
Gentle Touch Ajmw 01:49
Everlasting Ajmw 03:19
Heartfelt Ajmw, Enjo 01:48
Snow Ajmw 02:13
One Last Time Ajmw 01:38
Ninetyfour Ajmw 01:54

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AJMW is the pseudonym used by British producer and musician Ashley Warden (born August 4, 1994). He specializes in organic, lo-fi instrumental hip hop that has been classified as ‘chillhop’. He’s released a series of acclaimed tracks including “Content”, “Play It Out” (featuring NY-SEA and Tomppabeats), and “Canvas”. AJMW’s albums include Insight (2015), Unity (2016), Loyal (2017), and No Thoughts I (2018).