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Como Hizo David Palabra en Acción, Juan Carlos Alvarado 03:03
No Basta Juan Carlos Alvarado 05:06
Sendas Dios Hará Juan Carlos Alvarado 04:00
Mi Mejor Adoración Juan Carlos Alvarado 02:03
Llevame Al Lugar Santísimo Palabra en Acción, Juan Carlos Alvarado 05:13
Tu Nombre Oh Dios Palabra en Acción, Juan Carlos Alvarado 05:46
Los Enemigos de Jehová Juan Carlos Alvarado 03:26
Todo Juan Carlos Alvarado 04:10
Hay Momentos Palabra en Acción, Juan Carlos Alvarado 04:40
Dios El Más Grande Juan Carlos Alvarado 07:35

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Le Llaman Guerrero (lenta)
Le Llaman Guerrero
Jehová Es Mi Guerrero/Le Llaman (Reprise)

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Juan Carlos Alvarado – born on December 28, 1964 in Guatemala – is a Latin Christian singer. He is acknowledged as one of the pioneers in praise and worship music in Latin America. He discovered his love of singing and playing the piano as a child, and pursued music as a career. At 17, he was already an exceptional keyboardist and performed in a secular rock band. During this period of his life, he became a Christian and turned his back on the secular music world and embraced praise and worship music. By the time he was 21, he began a life as a pastor, which led him to creating praise music. His first release was the 1987 album Digno De Alabar, recorded as a member of Palabra En Acción. The group recorded four more album before he began his career as a solo artist. His first album was the 1993 live release Aviva El Fuego, which won the Best Christian Album award from Permios Musica Cristiana, the equivalent of the Grammys for Latin Christian music. Alvarada received the same award for his albums Hoy Mas Que Ayer (1995), Vivo Para Cristo (2001), Fiesta (2004) and Tu Palabra Cantaré (2008). Some of his most popular songs include “No Callaré”, “Jehová es mi guerrero”, “El borde de su manto”, “Cristo vive”, and “Soy deudor”. In 2020, he released the album El Dios De Israel Es Poderoso.