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Another Night Real McCoy 03:56
Run Away Real McCoy 04:03
It's on You M.C.Sar, The Real McCoy 04:04
Love & Devotion Real McCoy 05:53
It's On You M.C. Sar, Real McCoy 05:43
Another Night Real McCoy 03:58
Another Night Real McCoy 03:59
One More Time Real McCoy 04:01
Come and Get Your Love Real McCoy 03:13
Love & Devotion Real McCoy 03:55

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Another Night

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Initially known as "M.C. Sar & the Real McCoy," The Real McCoy mixed pop melodies and Eurodance arrangements into a string of global hits throughout the first half of the 1990s. The group was formed in Berlin, Germany, in 1987. Producers Juergen Wind and Frank Hassas handled The Real McCoy's songwriting duties, although the group's first hit was a cover of Technotronic's "Pump Up the Jam," which became a Top 20 success in Germany. Rapper Olaf Jeglitza appeared on the recording and subsequently became The Real McCoy's frontman. Although the group's follow-up single, "It's On You," charted well in Europe in 1990, it wasn't until 1993's "Another Night" that The Real McCoy became global stars. Featuring vocalist Karin Kasar, the song went platinum in America, where it peaked at Number 1 on the US Mainstream Top 40, and cracked the Top 10 in nearly a dozen countries. 1994's "Run Away" experienced similar success, and both singles appearing on the group's European album Space Invaders. In the US, the album was released one year later under a different title, Another Night, and included The Real McCoy's popular cover of the Redbone classic "Come and Get Your Love." Another Night went double-platinum in America and peaked at Number 13 on the Billboard 200. It also marked the group's commercial peak, with 1997's One More Time stalling at Number 79 on the Billboard 200. A number of lineup changes and temporary breakups followed, with Jeglitza and Kasar ultimately reuniting the group's classic lineup in 2016.