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We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow SoKo 02:41
No More Home, No More Love SoKo 02:36
No One Else in Mind Blaenavon, SoKo 03:46
Who Wears The Pants?? SoKo 03:04
Keaton's Song SoKo 04:02
My Dreams Dictate My Reality SoKo 03:42
First Love Never Die SoKo 04:22
Fantastic Planet (Bonus Track) SoKo 03:50
Diabolo menthe SoKo 02:56
I Come In Peace SoKo 03:36

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I Just Want To Make It New With You
I Thought I Was An Alien
People Always Look Better In The Sun (Part 1)
We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow

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Soko is the stage name of Stéphanie Alexandra Mina Sokolinski, a French actress and singer/songwriter who was born in Bordeaux on October 26, 1985. She was raised in a multi-cultural household by her Russian-Polish father and French-Italian mother. After dropping out of school, Solo earned her first hit song with 2007's "I'll Kill Her," which peaked at Number 2 in Denmark and Number 3 in Belgium. Her debut EP, Not Sokute, was released that same year, followed in February 2012 by the full-length album I Thought I Was an Alien. Another International hit, I Thought I Was an Alien reached the Top 40 in Belgium, climbed to Number 12 on the UK Independent Albums Breakers chart, and hit Number 15 on US Heatseekers Albums. The album's biggest hit, "We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow," reached Number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100, giving Soko her commercial breakthrough in America. Meanwhile, her starring role in the 2012 film Augustine brought equal attention to her acting career, with Soko winning the "Best Actress" award from the Mar del Platta Film Festival the "Courage in Acting Award" from the Women Film Critics Circle Awards. She continued to balance her work as a musician and actress during the coming years, releasing the sophomore album My Dreams Dictate My Reality in 2015 and a third record, Feel Feelings, in 2020. Two years later, "We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow" experienced a renewed surge in popularity throughout multiple countries, thanks to its use in the fifth season of the Spanish TV series Elite