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Future Brain Den Harrow 03:09
Don't Break My Heart Den Harrow 03:53
Mad Desire Den Harrow 03:59
Future Brain Den Harrow 04:10
I Feel You Den Harrow 06:08
Big Love Den Harrow 06:05
Take Me Away Den Harrow 05:21
Charleston Den Harrow 04:51
Future Brain Den Harrow 05:26
Tomorrow Is Another Day Den Harrow 05:27

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Holiday Night
I Wanna Go

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Italian model and singer Stefano Zandri (born June 4th, 1962 in Nova Milanese) found fame in the Italo disco scene of the 1980s as Den Harrow, ostensibly a solo artist from Boston, Massachusetts. However, Zandri would reveal years later that his musical contributions to the project had actually been minimal; he had, in fact, been lip-synching to the voices of others, predominantly those of American singer Tom Hooker, and had been portraying a character purportedly from the States in order to broaden his international appeal. To his credit, it had all gone according to plan. Harrow’s first two singles, “To Meet Me” and “A Taste of Love”, were vocalled by former Passengers member Chuck Rolando and arrived in 1983 to minor success. His next three offerings, “Mad Desire”, “Bad Boy” and “Future Brain”, each taken from the 1985 debut album Overpower, all landed in Italy’s top 20, with the latter two singles spreading his name across Europe. Harrow’s second album, Day By Day (1987), was once again produced by Turatti and Chieregato, and housed the international hits “Catch the Fox (Caccia Alla Volpe)" and “Don’t Break My Heart”. Opting for the higher-pitched voice of England’s Anthony James on the 1988 LP Lies, Harrow enjoyed two further chart hits in Italy in “You Have a Way” and “Born to Love”. After a run of compilations in the 1990s and star TV appearances, Zandri went on to re-record Den Harrow hits using his own voice for the first time, and released two new original songs, “Push Push” and “FEDEN - Lo so”, in 2006 and 2007.