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Yngwie Malmsteen

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Rising Force Yngwie Malmsteen 04:24
Black Star Yngwie Malmsteen 04:51
Dream On (Rerecorded) Yngwie Malmsteen, Ronnie James Dio 04:32
The Only One Yngwie Malmsteen 04:01
Hold On Yngwie Malmsteen 05:11
Blitzkrieg Yngwie Malmsteen 04:12
Dreaming (Tell Me) Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Lynn Turner 05:19
You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget Yngwie Malmsteen 04:29
Bedroom Eyes Yngwie Malmsteen 04:00
Crash and Burn Yngwie Malmsteen 04:05

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A Swedish guitar god whose lightning shredding and blistering solos set
the 1980s metal scene alight, Yngwie Malmsteen, created a gothic, neo-classical
whirlwind of sound which established him as one of the finest and most
influential axe men of the era. Born Lars Johan Yngve Lannerbäck on June 30,
1963 in Stockholm, Sweden, he was influenced equally by rock legends Richie
Blackmore and Brian May, as well as classical composers Johann Sebastian Bach,
Antonio Vivaldi and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He was invited to America as an
18-year-old by Shrapnel Records boss Mike Varney and played with hard rock
outfits Steeler and Alcatrazz before his 1984 solo debut Rising Force
heralded his incredible virtuoso talent. His controlled wildness and awesome
speed hit its peak on 1985’s Marching Out and the more accessible Odyssey
in 1988 cracked the top 40 of the American album chart. His style became the
template for a generation of power metal acts such as Vinnie Moore, Dio and
Pantera. He worked with various vocalists including Joe Lynn Turner, Goran
Edman and Mark Boals throughout the years, and became huge in Japan during the
90s with a string of 5 straight albums that went top 10 in that country. Though
trends turned against him in the 2000s and metal took darker more dissonant
turns, his Japanese fan base remained and his international status as a guitar
god never wavered. LPs like 2002’s Attack!!, 2008’s Perpetual Flame,
and 2016’s World On Fire kept him in the top 40 in Japan. His 22nd
solo album, 2021’s Parabellum, reached number 22 in Japan.