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Spirit Loop Rival Consoles 04:05
Sudden Awareness of Now Rival Consoles 07:15
Recovery Rival Consoles 04:50
Daddy Rival Consoles, Peter Broderick 04:28
Vibrations on a String Rival Consoles 06:09
Pre Rival Consoles 05:14
Eventually Rival Consoles 05:24
Echoes Rival Consoles 05:31
Frontiers Rival Consoles 04:10
Looming Rival Consoles 06:23

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Spirit Loop

de Rival Consoles


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The British electronic music artist
known as Rival Consoles was born Ryan Lee West in Leicester, England on
November 10, 1985. After university courses on music technology, he launched
his recording career in 2007 with the EPs The Decadent and Vermeer,
releases that showcased his ambitious yet dance-friendly style. His debut LP,
2009’s IO, got strong reviews and he released numerous remixes of work from
fellow artists signed to Erased Tapes. 2011’s Kid Velo was filled with
house-inspired dance tracks, but the 2013 Odyssey EP swerved into a more
experimental, notably minimalist, style. He followed that muse for the 2015 EP Sonne.
2015’s LP Howl, utilized experimental techniques that included Rival Consoles
playing guitar and drums. He brought the pain of a romantic break-up to 2016’s Night
, and 2016’s Persona was another stylistic adventure that
focused on atmospheric soundscapes more than dance beats. He returned in 2020
with Articulation