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Amores Como el Nuestro Los Charros 03:16
Cumbia Classic Mix: No Me Arrepiento De Este Amor / Amores Como El Nuestro / Yo Me Estoy Enamorando / Dulce Dueña / Quédate Aquí Gilda, Los Charros, Antonio Ríos, Ráfaga 07:42
Cumbia Mix Grupo Red, Gilda, Los Charros, Antonio Ríos 11:13
Amores Como El nuestro Los Charros 03:02
Te extraño Los Charros 03:45
No Me Amenaces Chuchín Ibáñez, Los Charros 02:34
Juan el Cartero Los Charros 02:43
Escucho Tu Voz Los Charros 02:54
Como La Flor Los Charros 05:05
Pero No Puedo Los Charros 02:58

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One of the most popular acts to emerge from the Argentine '90s cumbia scene, Los Charros was formed in the city of Chaco in 1993. The band was put together by Claudio Juárez and Fabián Álvarez, who had previously played together in Los Dinos. After recruiting lead singer Daniel Cardozo, the group began performing under the moniker Los Temerarios but later renamed themselves Los Charros to avoid being confused with the Mexican band of the same name. Te Demostraré, their studio debut, appeared in 1994 and spawned hits like the Selena Quintanilla cover "Como una Flor" or the Daniel Cardozo original "La Falta Que Me Haces." In 1995, Los Charros returned with what would become one of the biggest albums of their career—Corazón de Papel—which propelled them to fame thanks to the astounding success of "Amores Como el Nuestro," a cumbia version of the Jerry Rivera hit single. Over the next few years, their popularity spread to the rest of Latin America with LPs such as Son una Joya (1997) and Imbatibles (1999), or singles like "Juan el Cartero" and "La Pollera Colorada." Even though singer Daniel Cardozo left Los Charros in 1999 to focus on his solo efforts, he rejoined the group in 2003 to celebrate their tenth anniversary. He would leave again once more in 2007, after which the group released the album Por Siempre y Para Siempre with vocalist Dario Chiarini.