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Chattr Chakkr Vartee (Courage) Snatam Kaur 15:36
Suni-Ai Listening Celebration (Meditation) Snatam Kaur 07:19
Heal (Ra Ma Da Sa) Snatam Kaur 13:31
Ong Namo (Wisdom) Snatam Kaur 10:02
Guru Ram Das Chant - Grace and Humility Snatam Kaur 05:41
Mere Ram (Live in the Redwoods) [Connection] Snatam Kaur 11:06
Waah Yantee - Creativity Snatam Kaur 07:36
Long Time Sun Snatam Kaur 03:58
Mul Mantra Snatam Kaur 07:55
Ardas Bhaee (Blessings) Snatam Kaur, GuruGanesha 09:23

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Snatam Kaur (born June 19th, 1972 in Trinidad, Colorado) is a Grammy-nominated devotional singer, musician, songwriter, teacher, and author, known for the spiritual nature of her work and her commitment to Indian devotional music as well as new age music. A trip to India aged six sparked a deep interest in Indian religions and culture and she went on to study kirtan with her mother, playing with her in gurdwaras and at Sikh religious ceremonies as a child. Back at high school in California, she honed her passion for social and environmental causes back and after obtaining a bachelor's degree in biochemistry, moved back to India to study kirtan under the tutelage of her mother's teacher, Bhai Hari Singh. She cut her teeth as a singer with spiritual music group The Peace Family before launching her solo career in 2000, signing to Spirit Voyage Records and releasing her first album, Reunion, with Guru Ganesha Singh Khalsa and Livtar Singh Khalsa that year. She has since put out an abundance of new age-leaning, spiritual music, mixing western melodies with Indian sounds and mantras from the Kundalini yoga tradition. 2022 saw the release of her 16th record, the eight-track Nirankaar.