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Barbie Girl Aqua 03:17
Lennon, McCartney: All You Need Is Love Luciano Pavarotti, Enrique Iglesias, Aqua, Eurythmics 04:12
Doctor Jones Aqua 03:23
Happy Boys & Girls Aqua 03:39
Around The World Aqua 03:29
Cartoon Heroes Aqua 03:39
My Mamma Said Aqua 03:37
TOXIC Aqua, Caesar 02:33
Turn Back Time Aqua 04:09
Cartoon Heroes Aqua 03:08

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Happy Boys & Girls
My Oh My
Barbie Girl
Good Morning Sunshine

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One of the best-selling Danish acts in history, Aqua formed in 1989 under the name Joyspeed. They rebranded themselves as Aqua in 1996 and scored a major Scandinavian hit with "Roses Are Red," which topped the charts in Denmark and went gold in both Norway and Sweden. The band's popularity reached greater heights in 1997, when the Euro-dance anthem "Barbie Girl" became a platinum hit in seven countries, eventually selling more than 8 million copies. Aqua's debut album, Aquarium, was released later that year and cemented the band's international success, selling 16 million copies worldwide and containing the follow-up hit "Doctor Jones." Although the record's second single, "Lollipop (Candyman)," became Aqua's last Top 40 single in America, the band remained a commercial juggernaut in Europe with albums like 2000's Aquarius, 2009's Greatest Hits, and 2011's Megalomania