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ONE SHOT B.A.P 03:57
POWER B.A.P 03:51
Young, Wild & Free B.A.P 03:09
주소서 B.A.P 03:51
1004 B.A.P 03:25
Coffee Shop B.A.P 03:39
COMA B.A.P 03:30

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Together As One
Talk about Love
Beautiful World
Grandma's Spring Instrumental

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B.A.P. were a hip-hop and K-pop band formed in Seoul, South Korea, in 2012 by TS Entertainment with vocalists Kim Him-chan (who goes by Himchan), Jung Dae-hyun (Daehyun), Yoo Young-jae (Youngjae) and Moon Jongup (Jongup) plus rappers Bang Yong-guk (Yongguk) and Choi Jun Hong (Lelo). Yongguk departed in 2018 and the band disbanded in 2019.

Their 2012 debut single 'Warrior' went to number 17 on Billboard's Japan Hot 100 and number 49 on the Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100. Their first EP, also titled 'Warrior', reached number ten on Billboard's World Albums chart in 2012. Their second EP, 'Power' (2012), peaked at number ten on the World Albums chart, 'One Shot' (2013), 'Badman' (2013) and 'First Sensibility' (2014) topped the chart, 'Matrix' (2015) and 'Carnival' (2016) reached number three, their album 'Noir' (2016) went to number one and the EP 'B.A.P. Concert Special Solo (The Recollection)' peaked at number 15.

They had ten tracks on Billboard's Korea K-Pop Hot 100 including three that hit the top 20: 'Crash' (2012) at number 12, 'One Shot' (2013) at number 20 and 'Coffee Shop' (2013) at number 16. Eight tracks made the Japan Hot 100 with six in the top 20: 'Warrior' (2013) at number 17, 'No Mercy' (2014) at number two, 'Excuse Me' (2014) at number 14, 'Feel So Good' (2016) at number 14, 'Wake Me Up' (2017) at number eleven and 'Honeymoon' (2017) at 18. Their 2018 track 'Hands Up' peaked at number 22 on the Japan Hot 100.