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ANTI-SOCIAL While she sleeps 04:14
I'VE SEEN IT ALL While she sleeps 04:12
EYE TO EYE While she sleeps 03:53
Silence Speaks While she sleeps, Oli Sykes 04:55
Wide Awake While she sleeps 05:04
HAUNT ME While she sleeps 04:31
YOU ARE ALL YOU NEED While she sleeps 03:28
SO WHAT? While she sleeps 04:32
Feel While she sleeps 04:39
ENLIGHTENMENT(?) While she sleeps 05:02

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The British metalcore band When She
Sleeps was formed by school friends and musicians Sean Long (guitar), Aaron
McKenzie (bass), Adam Savage (drums), Mat Welsh (guitar), and Jordan Widdowson
(vocal) in Sheffield in 2006. They self-released the debut EP And This Is
Just the Start
that year, but Widdowson would exit the band whereupon
Lawrence Taylor would takeover as lead singer. The 2010 EP The North Stands for Nothing turned out to be their first break. It garnered strong reviews
for its amalgamation of metal and punk, and scored the group a high-profile
stint as the opening act for similar-minded bigger bands like Bring Me the Horizon.
Their 2012 debut LP This Is the Six captured their unique combination of
heaviness and melody, and earned them an award for Best British Newcomer. After
Taylor underwent throat surgery, they released 2015’s Brainwashed. 2016’s
You Are We got them into the top 10 of the UK album chart. While She
Sleeps challenged themselves creatively on 2019’s So What?, bringing new
elements including electronic flourishes to their aggressive musical attack.
That experimentation continued on 2021’s Sleeps Society