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Hootsforce Gloryhammer 03:50
Heroes (Of Dundee) Gloryhammer 05:49
Universe on Fire Gloryhammer 04:06
Fly Away Gloryhammer 03:59
Imperium Dundaxia Gloryhammer 04:36
Rise of the Chaos Wizards Gloryhammer 03:57
The Land of Unicorns Gloryhammer 04:24
Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol Gloryhammer 04:29
Brothers of Crail Gloryhammer 04:16
Silent Tears of Frozen Princess Gloryhammer 05:34

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Inspired by folk tales and fantasy fiction, Gloryhammer is a symphonic power metal band from the United Kingdom. Christopher Bowes launched the group in 2010, having already established himself as a forward-thinking metal musician with his so-called "pirate metal" band, Alestorm. Adopting the stage name of "Zargothrax," he pieced together a band that included drummer Ben Turk (also known as "Ralathor"), lead vocalist Anthony Trimming ("Angus McFife"), bassist James Cartwright ("The Hootsman"), and guitarist Paul Templing ("Ser Proletius"). The Swiss singer Thomas Winkler replaced Trimming in 2011, and the band made its studio debut in 2013 with the album Tales from the Kingdom of Fife. With lyrics that revolved around a fantastical narrative involving knights, wizards, and heroic quests, Tales from the Kingdom of Fife reached Number 151 on the Belgian Albums chart. 2015's Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards continued the album's storyline and expanded the band's international success, reaching Number 18 on the UK Rock & Metal Singles and Albums chart, Number 100 in Belgium, Number 53 in Germany, and Number 64 in Switzerland. Winkler's final appearance as Gloryhammer's frontman was the 2019 release Legends from Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex, which reached the Top 10 in both Germany and Switzerland. Sozos Michael subsequently took over the role of "Angus McFife," handling lead vocals on the band's fourth studio record, Return to the Kingdom of Fife, in 2023. The album was another success, reaching Number 25 in Germany.