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R4v3 B0y (feat. Krystal) S3RL 02:59
Pretty Rave Girl S3RL 06:03
Little Kandi Raver 2012 S3RL 04:15
The Few and the Many S3RL 02:43
Forever (NeoQor Remix) S3RL, NeoQor 03:56
Break The Music Vau Boy, S3RL 02:53
That Feelin S3RL, Kayliana 03:11
To Your Beat S3RL, Hannah Fortune 03:21
Feel the Melody (feat. Sara) S3RL 03:52
Come Inside GPF, S3RL, Dj Gollum 03:25

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The Few and the Many

de S3RL


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S3RL is the electronic brainchild of Joles Richard Hughes, an Australian producer, singer, and dance DJ whose songs mix the breakbeats of happy hardcore with lyrics that often reference Japanese pop culture. Born in Brisbane, Queensland, on December 17, 1981, Hughes released "Transformers," his first single as S3RL, in 2006, kickstarting a prolific career that would find find issuing multiple songs per year for more than a decade. During that time, he also peaked at Number 10 on the Norwegian charts with "Genre Police," launched the label EMFA Music, and released international dance hits like "Pretty Rave Girl," "Mtc," and "Pika Girl." Although he retired from touring in 2018, he continued to produce new music, releasing 11 new songs in 2020 alone.