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Discord (feat. Eurobeat Brony) The Living Tombstone, Eurobeat Brony 03:13
My Ordinary Life The Living Tombstone 03:50
Goose Goose Revolution The Living Tombstone 02:28
It's Been So Long The Living Tombstone 02:54
Drunk The Living Tombstone 03:25
Alastor's Game The Living Tombstone 03:04
Can't Wait The Living Tombstone 02:45
I Got No Time The Living Tombstone 02:46
What I Want The Living Tombstone 03:26
Five Nights at Freddy's The Living Tombstone 02:46

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Drawing inspiration from video games, memes, and pop culture in general, The Living Tombstone are an LA-based electronic music duo formed by Israeli-American musician and YouTuber Yoav Landau and vocalist Sam Haft. Landau made his official debut in 2012 with a remix of the track “Discord” by Eurobeat Brony, originally based on a character from animated TV series My Little Pony. He followed-up in 2014 with the singles “It’s Been So Long” and “Five Nights at Freddy’s,” inspired by the popular indie video game franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s. In 2015, he started his Red Vs Blue series by remixing the “Dog of Wisdom” meme, featuring two radically different versions of the same song. “My Ordinary Life” (2017) marked the first collaboration between the pair, and was quickly followed by the Pokémon-themed “Pikachu’s Lament” in 2018. Preceded by the 2020 singles “Drunk” and “Sunburn,” zero_one, their official studio debut, saw the light of the day that same year via Warner Music Group.