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Vamos Pa la Playa (feat. Nico Valdi) RUGGERO, Oscu, Migrantes, Nico Valdi 02:46
Jodidamente Migrantes, RUGGERO 02:39
Úsame RUGGERO, Dvicio 02:43
Luz, Cámara, Acción Jorge Blanco, RUGGERO, Diego Dominguez, Facundo Gambandé 02:29
Por Eso Estoy Aquí Tres Dedos, RUGGERO 03:36
Se Vive Solo Una Vida RUGGERO 02:49
Solo Pienso en Ti Jorge Blanco, Samuel Nascimento, Facundo Gambandé, Nick Garnier 03:00
Es mi Pasion Jorge Blanco, Samuel Nascimento, Facundo Gambandé, Nick Garnier 03:19
Soy Mi Mejor Momento TINI, Jorge Blanco, Diego Dominguez, Mercedes Lambre 03:56
Mi Princesa Jorge Blanco, Samuel Nascimento, Facundo Gambandé, Nick Garnier 02:58

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Volver a Cero



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Ruggero Pasquarelli, known artistically as simply Ruggero, is an Italian actor, singer, and songwriter. He was born in Città Sant'Angelo, Pescara, Abruzzo, on September 10, 1993. He got his start in entertainment as a young man, participating in the Italian version of the reality competition show X Factor, where he made it to the top 6. Though he is of Italian origin, he’s worked throughout most of his career in Argentina, where he moved in 2013. He became known for starring in various Disney Channel Latin America TV shows, such as Violetta and Soy Luna. As he grew up, he started appearing in more mature roles on shows such as Tierra de Amor y Venganza and Supernova. In 2019, Ruggero released his debut single “Probablemente,” followed by songs such as “No Te Voy a Fallar” and the MYA collaboration “Apenas Son las 12.” This was followed by what was announced as the lead single for his first album, “Puede,” which hit Number 67 on the Argentine charts. In 2021, Ruggero Pasquarelli released his debut album Ruggero with Sony Music Argentina. In 2022, he released his second solo album Volver a Cero, which spawned singles such as “Ya Fue” and “Nos Dejamos Enseguida.” 2023 found Ruggero collaborating with Oscu, Migrantes, and Nico Valdi on the single "Vamos a la Playa," an infectious dance pop track that became one of the songs of the summer in Argentina.