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Time Warp Perfume 02:52
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Secret Secret Perfume 04:57
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Edge Perfume 08:43
Perfect Star Perfect Style Perfume 04:16
Plasma Perfume 02:04
Hatenabito Perfume 02:57
Flow Perfume 03:04
Android And Perfume 04:13

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Perfume are a J-pop group formed in Hiroshima in 2000 featuring singers and dancers Ayano Omoto (who goes by the name NOCCHI), Yuka Kashino (KASHIUKA) and Ayaka Nishiwaki (a-chan). They met at school and released a single, 'Omajniani Perori', locally in 2002 before relocating to Tokyo where Nakata Yasukata of the band Capsule produced the track 'Sweet Donuts' in 2003. They released several more singles before 'Polyrhythm' went to number seven on Japan's Oricon Singles Chart in 2007 and 'Baby Cruising Love' reached number three.

'Love the World' (2008) and 'One Room Disco' (2009) topped the Oricon Singles Chart and subsequent releases have all reached the top four including 'Voice' (2010), 'Spice' (2011), 'Spring of Life' (2012), 'Magic of Love' (2013), 'Cling Cling' (2014), 'Star Train' (2015), 'Tokyo Girl' (2017) and 'Endless Future' (2018).

All of their albums have topped the Japan Oricon Albums Chart: 'Game' (2008), 'Triangle' (2009), 'JPN' (2011), 'Level3' (2013), 'Cosmic Explorer' (2016) and 'Future Pop' (2018).

They have won many regional music awards and performed internationally, including a 2015 show at the SXSW Festival in Texas, with an American tour in 2019 that included an appearance at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California, the first J-pop band to do so. The single 'Nananananairo' came out in 2019 and their schedule also was to include appearances at Sweet Love Shower 2019 in Yamanashi, Japan.