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Little Dark Age MGMT 04:59
Kids MGMT 05:03
Nothing To Declare MGMT 03:33
Time to Pretend MGMT 04:21
Mother Nature MGMT 03:56
Electric Feel MGMT 03:49
When You Die MGMT 04:23
People In The Streets MGMT 05:37
The Handshake MGMT 03:39
Me and Michael MGMT 04:49

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Loss Of Life



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MGMT became indie-rock kingpins during the late-2000s, when the group earned a Grammy Award "Electric Feel," an NME Award for the debut album Oracular Spectacular, and platinum certification in multiple countries for the single "Kids." Singer and keyboard player Ben Goldwasser met guitarist (and former hip-hop drummer) Andrew VanWyngarden in 2002, with both were art students in Connecticut. Originally called "The Management," MGMT embarked upon a haphazard path to fame, writing songs on laptops and constructing a bizarre live show with synths and backing tapes. Their random, experimental nature won a cult following, and in 2005 they recorded an electronic EP which reached an executive at Columbia Records who invited them to make an album with Flaming Lips producer Dave Fridmann. The resulting left-field pop record Oracular Spectacular reached number 38 on the Billboard 200 and spawned multiple hits, including "Time To Pretend," "Kids," and "Electric Feel."  Congratulations followed in 2010 and hit number 2 on the Billboard 200, even though its sales paled in comparison to Oracular Spectacular. 2013's MGMT, 2018's Little Dark Age, and 2024's Loss of Life all showcased an evolving duo whose sound continued to shift.