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Fed Up Ghostemane 02:31
I duckinf hatw you Ghostemane, Parv0 01:57
To Whom It May Concern Ghostemane, Parv0 02:59
Mercury: Retrograde Ghostemane 02:04
Bloody 98 (Feat. Ghostemane) $uicideboy$, Ghostemane 04:37
Kali Yuga Ghostemane, Clams Casino 02:20
Squeeze Ghostemane 02:20
навсегда Ghostemane, Scarlxrd 02:48
Gatteka Ghostemane 01:52
Anti-Social Masochistic Rage [ASMR] Ghostemane 03:13

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$UICIDEBOY$ with Ghostemane, Pouya, Germ, and 1 more… at Spark Arena (March 23, 2024)
Auckland, New Zealand

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 Eric Whitney, born April 15, 1991, and professionally known as Ghostemane, is an American artist blending heavy metal, hip hop, and industrial music. Starting his career in Florida's hardcore punk and doom metal scenes, Whitney moved to Los Angeles in 2015, transitioning into rap as Ghostemane and joining the hip hop collective Schemaposse. His work, including eight solo albums like N/O/I/S/E and ANTI-ICON, and singles like "John Dee" and "Mercury: Retrograde", has garnered significant attention. The latter's music video, utilizing a 1930s Betty Boop cartoon, exploded in popularity, amassing over 500 million views. Ghostemane's diverse musical ventures extend into black metal with Baader-Meinhof, noise music as GASM, and electronic music as Swearr. His artistry, influenced by black metal band Bathory and Southern rap, delves into themes of occultism, depression, and nihilism. Whitney's work has earned him a nomination for Most Bizarre at the Berlin Music Video Awards for his video "AI". Alongside his solo projects, he has collaborated on albums like LXRDMAGE with Scarlxrd and produced music for other artists, including his former fiancée Poppy's A Very Poppy Christmas. Whitney's innovative fusion of genres and visually compelling videos have solidified his status in the underground music scene.