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Someone To You Banners 03:39
Shine A Light Banners 03:45
Ghosts Banners 04:10
Half Light Banners 03:05
Got It In You Banners 03:40
Submarine SeeB, Banners, SUPER-Hi 03:23
Start A Riot Banners 03:35
Tell You I Love You Banners 03:14
Supercollide Banners 03:34
Light Up Banners 03:24

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Banners is the artistic pseudonym of Michael Joseph Nelson, a British singer and songwriter from Liverpool. Banners got his start in the world of music performing with the Liverpool Cathedral Choir, touring with the group around Europe. In 2015 he moved to Toronto, Canada, where he worked with producer Stephen Kozmeniuk. In March 2015, he released his debut single “Ghost” under the stage name Raines. Later that same year, his second single “Shine a Light” was the first released under his new moniker Banners. “Shine a Light” peaked at Number 5 on the Billboard Canada Rock chart. In 2016, Banners signed a record deal with Island Records, through which he released his debut self-titled EP. He made his television debut that year performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live. After much touring, Banners released his second EP Empires on Fire in November 2017. In 2019, his debut album Where the Shadow Ends was released. In 2020, Banners’s 2017 song “Someone to You” gained sudden popularity when it started being used on social media, quickly becoming his most streamed song and hitting Number 11 on Billboard’s US Adult Top 40 chart. In 2021, Banners released a new EP titled It’s Gonna Be OK.