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J'fais mes affaires Djadja & Dinaz 03:34
Capitaine Djadja & Dinaz 02:35
Dans le Réseau Djadja & Dinaz 02:24
Charbonner Djadja & Dinaz 03:36
On reconnaît Djadja & Dinaz 04:20
Seuls Djadja & Dinaz 03:49
Aïcha Djadja & Dinaz 03:26
Khemem Djadja & Dinaz 02:55
Possédé Djadja & Dinaz 04:29
Pas là Djadja & Dinaz 02:27

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Djadja & Dinaz at Halle de Martigues (July 22, 2024)
Martigues, France

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Djadja & Dinaz are a French hip-hop duo made up of rappers Gianni Bellou (Djadja) and Azzedine Hedhli (Dinaz) who began performing in Paris in 2014 and have gone on to chart success. They quickly achieved Internet fame in 2015 thanks to the controversial video “Laisse-nous faire notre biff,” which featured a group of people firing guns in a parking lot and earned them a three-month prison sentence. Debut album On S'Promet (2016) reached Number 5 on the French Albums chart, Dans l'Arène (2017) went to Number 4 and Le Revers de la Médaille (2018) peaked at Number 5 in France and Number 3 on Belgium's Walloon chart. Le Revers de la Médaille Pt .2 (2018) hit Number 4 on the Walloon chart and Drôle de Mentalité (2019) went to Number 3 on the French Albums chart and Number 5 on the Walloon chart. Their single “Possédé” peaked at Number 3 on the French Singles chart. In 2021, Djadja & Dinaz scored their first Number 1 record with Spleen and broke into the French Top 10 once again with the single “Plein les poches.”