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Tanx (Deluxe Edition)

T. Rex


T. Rex : écoute l'album Tanx (Deluxe Edition)

Titres de l'album

Tenement T. Rex 02:55
Rapids T. Rex 02:49
Mister Mister T. Rex 03:30
Broken-Hearted Blues T. Rex 02:03
Shock Rock T. Rex 01:43
Country Honey T. Rex 01:47
Electric Slim And The Factory Hen T. Rex 03:06
Mad Donna T. Rex 02:15
Born To Boogie T. Rex 02:04
Life Is Strange T. Rex 02:30
The Street And Babe Shadow T. Rex 02:17
Highway Knees T. Rex 02:34
Left Hand Luke & The Beggar Boys T. Rex 05:22
Children Of The Revolution T. Rex 02:30
Jitterbug Love T. Rex 02:59
Sunken Rags T. Rex 02:54
Solid Gold Easy Action T. Rex 02:20
Xmas Riff T. Rex 00:11
20th Century Boy T. Rex 03:41
Free Angel T. Rex 02:12

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