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Still on My Mind (Deluxe Edition)



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Titres de l'album

Hurricanes Dido 05:17
Give You Up Dido 03:21
Hell After This Dido 03:27
You Don't Need a God Dido 03:31
Take You Home Dido 05:05
Some Kind of Love Dido 04:42
Still on My Mind Dido 03:04
Mad Love Dido 02:52
Walking By Dido 04:31
Friends Dido 03:23
Chances Dido 03:31
Have to Stay Dido 02:43
Just Because Dido 04:08
This Is Love Dido 02:59
What Am I Doing Here Dido 03:57
Hurricanes (Live Acoustic) Dido 03:26
Thank You (Live Acoustic) Dido 02:31
White Flag (Live Acoustic) Dido 03:14
Give You Up (Mark Knight Remix) Dido 05:57
Take You Home (Undercatt Remix) Dido 06:27

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