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Mylo Xyloto



Coldplay : écoute l'album Mylo Xyloto

Titres de l'album

Mylo Xyloto Coldplay 00:42
Hurts Like Heaven Coldplay 04:02
Paradise Coldplay 04:38
Charlie Brown Coldplay 04:45
Us Against the World Coldplay 03:59
M.M.I.X. Coldplay 00:48
Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall Coldplay 04:00
Major Minus Coldplay 03:30
U.F.O. Coldplay 02:17
Princess of China Coldplay, Rihanna 03:59
Up in Flames Coldplay 03:13
A Hopeful Transmission Coldplay 00:33
Don't Let It Break Your Heart Coldplay 03:54
Up with the Birds Coldplay 03:45

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