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Best of the Blessed (Deluxe Version)



Powerwolf : écoute l'album Best of the Blessed (Deluxe Version)

Titres de l'album

We Drink Your Blood (Rerecorded Version) Powerwolf 03:44
Army of the Night Powerwolf 03:21
Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend Powerwolf 03:38
Werewolves of Armenia (Rerecorded Version) Powerwolf 04:15
Saturday Satan (Rerecorded Version) Powerwolf 05:19
Amen & Attack Powerwolf 03:54
Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone Powerwolf 04:13
Resurrection by Erection (Rerecorded Version) Powerwolf 04:02
Sanctified with Dynamite (Rerecorded Version) Powerwolf 04:27
Kreuzfeuer Powerwolf 03:47
Armata Strigoi Powerwolf 03:59
Kiss of the Cobra King (Rerecorded Version) Powerwolf 03:49
Killers with the Cross Powerwolf 04:09
Sacred & Wild Powerwolf 03:40
In Blood We Trust (Rerecorded Version) Powerwolf 03:03
Let There Be Night Powerwolf 07:19
Fire & Forgive (Live) Powerwolf 06:27
Incense & Iron (Live) Powerwolf 04:42
Amen & Attack (Live) Powerwolf 03:57
Demons Are a Girls Best Friend (Live) Powerwolf 04:25

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