Album picture of Furi (Original Game Soundtrack)

Furi (Original Game Soundtrack)

Various Artists


Titres de l'album

Time to Wake Up Carpenter Brut 01:08
6.24 Danger 04:21
Enraged Carpenter Brut 04:57
A Picture in Motion Waveshaper 03:22
Wisdom of Rage Waveshaper 05:06
Unraveled Lorn 04:45
Set Me Free Lorn 06:07
What We Fight For Carpenter Brut 06:44
Make This Right The Toxic Avenger 05:48
Make This Right (Remix) The Toxic Avenger 03:21
Love and Madness Scattle 03:29
You're Mine Carpenter Brut 06:18
A Big Day Kn1ght 02:33
Something Memorable Kn1ght 05:59
A Monster Waveshaper 04:19
You Are the End Waveshaper 02:18
My Only Chance The Toxic Avenger 06:48
Shambles Scattle 06:05
7.53 Danger 02:37
8.02 Danger 04:27

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