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For All We Know



Titres de l'album

Intro (Like Velvet) Nao 00:37
Get to Know Ya Nao 02:56
Inhale Exhale Nao 03:03
Voice Memo 161 Nao 00:23
Happy Nao 02:52
Voice Memo 162 Nao 00:13
Adore You (feat. Abhi Dijon) Nao, Abhi Dijon 03:31
In the Morning Nao 04:06
Trophy (feat. A. K. Paul) Nao, A. K. Paul 03:48
Bad Blood Nao 04:00
DYWM Nao 04:55
We Don't Give A Nao 03:20
Give Me a Little Nao 03:47
Fool to Love Nao 03:26
Voice Memo 4 (Say Yes) Nao 00:33
Blue Wine Nao 03:38
Girlfriend Nao 03:45
Feels Like Nao 04:46

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