Album picture of World Beaters Vol.7

World Beaters Vol.7

Various Artists


Titres de l'album

How Can It Be Tony Worsley 03:14
Les Cheveeuz Longs The Senders 02:09
I Want Someone To Love The Motions 02:15
Petit Jos The Lutins 02:14
Smile Again The Pacifics 02:10
Take A Trip Gift of Love 02:13
Pourquoi The Playboys 02:19
Fictions Vidrios Quebrados 03:00
The Rebel Kind The Chicks 02:34
He Perdido Este Juego The Cheyennes 03:17
Tu Sei Lontana The Telstars 01:58
Go With Him The Rhythms 02:37
Pour Tous Dire The Loups 02:19
You Didn't Want To Give Your Love The Diplomats 02:32
Let Me Be The Kopy Kats 02:57
Me Siento Mal Y Deprimido The The Knacks 02:02
Rien N'a D'impor The Sparks 02:46
I Want To Walk With You The Mystics 02:33
Un Ami The Whitackers 01:46
Not My Girl Bobby & Laurie 02:00

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