Album picture of Light Music, Happy Activity

Light Music, Happy Activity

Various Artists


Titres de l'album

High Spirits Claud Vane 02:29
Out and About George Edgar Crow 03:12
Ballet Shoes Stefan Rogez 02:37
Pullman Express Alan Perry 02:08
Flighty Flirt Siegfried Merath 02:22
Out on A Jaunt Gerald Crossman 02:47
Skipping Along George J. Blackmore 02:45
Holiday Mood Joseph Engleman 02:54
Workers Playtime Kenneth Essex 02:41
Bright and Breezy Claud Vane 02:35
Tripping Along Lew Vincent 02:57
Happy Clockmaker George J. Blackmore 02:40
City Gent Claud Vane 02:39
Catch Me If You Can Wilfred William Burns 02:47
Happy Go Lucky Cedric King Palmer 01:46
Side by Side Ludwig Babinski 02:24
Window Shopper Edward White 02:49
Spring Fever Bruce Campbell 02:15
Dapper Chap Harold Smart 02:20
Pizzicato Pluck Michael Inden 02:15

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