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Best of Century (Vocal Dream Mix)



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Titres de l'album

Lover Why (Extended Play Version) Century 05:59
Jane (Guitar Chorus Version) Century 04:21
Gone With the Winner Century 04:27
Self Destruction Century 05:24
On a Landslide Century 07:22
Nigel Understands Century 06:13
Pay As You Hurt Century 05:43
The Day the Water Dried Century 04:11
Fly Me to the Ground Century 05:43
Lover Why (1985) Century 05:34
On a Landslide (Edit) Century 04:43
Fly Me to the Ground (Single Version) Century 04:23
Lover Why (1996 Slow FM Version) Century, John Wesley 04:44
Lover Why (Vocal Dream Mix) Century, John Wesley 06:43

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