Album picture of I Thought I Was An Alien

I Thought I Was An Alien



Titres de l'album

I Just Want To Make It New With You SoKo 02:19
I Thought I Was An Alien SoKo 02:18
People Always Look Better In The Sun (Part 1) SoKo 02:18
We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow SoKo 02:41
No More Home, No More Love SoKo 02:36
For Marlon SoKo 03:23
First Love Never Die SoKo 04:22
Treat Your Woman Right SoKo 04:19
How Are You SoKo 03:45
Don't You Touch Me SoKo 03:22
Destruction Of The Disgusting Ugly Hate SoKo 03:55
Happy Hippie Birthday SoKo 04:01
I've Been Alone Too Long SoKo 04:44
Why Don't You Eat Me Now You Can SoKo 01:28
You Have A Power On Me SoKo 02:49

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